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Owner – Managing Editor & Communications: Tiffany Lam |
Senior Editors/Writers: Kaivan Adjedani, Erin Holdbeck, Savoula Stylianou, Zev Citron
Editorial Designers: Winnie Surya, Seanzha Kemal, Juan Exposito
Head of Photography: Neil Van, Winnie Surya

Videography: Ken Nayyar, Tiffany Lam

Senior Editorial Team: Neil Van, Erin Holdbeck, Kaivan Adjedani, Zev Citron, Brandon Newfield, Savoula Stylianou, Eman El-Saied.
 Karmin Yu, Hayley Hasessian, Daniel Hadfield, Boris Boitsov, Al Downham, Keenan Callow, Toni-Rose Castillo, Daniel Pryce, Kaleb Hart, Dan Hogan, Jeffrey Yau, Ken Nayyar, Keenan Callow.

If you are from Toronto, other regions of Canada or the US, and would like to become a contributor, please send an email to We are looking for writers and are no longer accepting new photographers at this time.

If you are an artist or band that would like to be featured on Into The Crowd Magazine, please connect with us on social media and send an email to the address above as well.

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4 thoughts on “STAFF

  1. Zev Citron’s article was excellent. Very descriptive and created a good image in the mind of this reader. When in Canada Id go check out these performers based on his solid review. I’ll hope to read more of his reviews and articles. He has a good way in putting you in the audience.

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