Who Should You See at Electric Island? Stage by Stage Breakdown | June 22nd @ Woodbine Park


Electric Island is back and headed to Woodbine park for the second edition of the summer concert series! For those of you that are first-timers and the others who are more well versed underground dance music fans, we’ve provided a stage breakdown below to help guide your experience based on your music tastes and party preferences. The party will feature the main stage, celebrating 7 years, as well as a prism sponsored Pride stage. Check out our breakdown below to see who you should check out, and which DJs we suggest depending on how you’re feeling this Saturday at Woodbine Park!

Tom Trago vs Pony 



Tom Trago is an eclectic track selector who restores honour to the tech house genre, while Pony from The Fitness and Pony comes with a friendlier listening vocal infused arsenal. This choice will ultimately depend on your preference to technique vs. the interest to just want to dance and party early on.

See Tom Trago if…

  • You appreciate a great track selection
  • You’re watching for technique and control behind the decks

See Pony if…

  • You want some easier listening to start the day off
  • You want to dance guilt free without focusing too much on technical components

We suggest..

Check out Pony, move on to Tom Trago. Tech house has become a style so diluted with cheesy tunes that even using the term itself implies an inferior and uneducated taste in music. Tom Trago is a DJ that stands in a small minority that brings a calculated track selection to the genre. Pony will be fun, but it’s going to lean on the commercial side, so the underground fans will want to check Trago.

Blond:ish vs Goddollar

The Breakdown…

Blond:Ish is fresh of an Art Department-esque mutual split, where Viv is at the helm of the moniker solo. Her new forte is a little focused on branching out from Blond:Ish’s former sound, which could go either way. Goddollars on the other hand, is a cheeky American DJ with a preference for more nostalgia filling funk and upbeat tracks.

See Blond:Ish if..

  • You’re not against experimentation, even with some commercial track selection
  •  You’re curious to see where Viv is taking the new direction of Blond:Ish
  • You like a DJ who’s fun behind the decks

See Goddollars if..

  • You like retro house and funk beats
  • You want to have a more outrageous and upbeat dance
  • You’re a nostalgia fiend

Our suggestion.. 

Blond:Ish will be fun to check out for a little while but she’ll be back sooner than later. Goddollar’s funky and disco beats will be a perfect midday soiree, and will bring the energy up heading into sunset. Viv’s new experimentation, specifically collaborations with Diplo, might be good for the first-timers, but Goddollar is our pick for the underground fans.

DJ Harvey vs. Tom Stephan


DJ Harvey is a world renowned track selector and as Resident Advisor puts it, “A Living Legend”. Tom Stephan is a pride friendly DJ with a decent selection of more synth heavy house tracks.

See DJ Harvey If…

  • You respect technique behind the decks
  • You’re actually well indulged in the underground dance music scene
  • You want to see a maestro at work

See Tom Stephan if.. 

  • You want a more Ibiza like tech house cadence
  • You don’t mind synths

Our suggestion…

As avid music fans, we’re going to biased heavy for DJ Harvey on this one. We wouldn’t miss his set for the world, especially given how rare his Canadian appearances are. His vinyl collection is definitely well prepared for Saturday, and it won’t disappoint. We won’t even be objective on this one, be there for DJ Harvey start to end if you frequent house and techno shows.

Seth Troxler vs. Honey Soundsytem


This one comes down to a matter of energy by the end of the day. Seth Troxler will be bringing a heavier selection of techno and acid to end the night with, while Honey Soundsystem will be slinging out some very proudly gay disco vibes.

See Honey Soundsystem if..

  • You want a guilt free and fun dance
  • You want to see a flamboyant production from the DJs
  • You’re celebrating Pride Weekend

See Seth Troxler if..

  • You’re looking for something heavier and darker to match the night
  • You want some serious techno and acid house

Our suggestion..

Start with Honey Soundsystem, make you’re way to Troxler to end the night. Honey Soundsystem will kick the party off just right and bring the best energy of any DJ booked Saturday. Eventually though, make your way to Seth Troxler for some seriously deep and dubby grooves to finish out with.

Local Love 

Gera, one of Toronto’s most talented selectors, will be warming the day up alongside a slew of other talented locals. Arrive early to check out some sets from Toronto’s very own.


Don’t Forget:

  • Play by the rules, be respectful, be safe, have fun!
  • Give the locals some love, check out the opening DJs if you can early on
  • The Coda after Party will be the place to be post-event




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