Preview: Electric Island Season Finale | September 2nd-3rd, Toronto

39003752_1008843752622097_4296724435840270336_o (1)

Electric Island wraps up an exiting weekend with a two part finale weekend on Labour Day. Split between the Sunday and Monday of the long weekend, each day gives an individual program more suited towards a different audience. Fans of the original islands and programming are sure to enjoy the Sunday showcase, which features Loco Dice on the main stage and Cabal (RIP) residents Borzoo, Aleksandar Kojic, and Alberto Jossue on the Moog Audio Stage.

For the newer fans that Electric Island has recently been targeting, the more commercially friendly Monday line-up will do the trick. Lane 8 and Justin Martin are more friendly DJs for newcomers to the scene, and Moudaber’s techno suits a more novice ear than the intricate sounds of Loco Dice. However, for those industry veterans looking to also spend their long weekend at Electric Island, Nitin will be playing the side stage and you won’t want to miss it.

It’s going to be a hot long weekend in Toronto, so make sure to stay hydrated and play safe! Doors open at 2PM, tickets can be found here.

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