Civic Holiday Electric Island Brings Best of Both Worlds


Since introducing a second stage two years ago, Electric Island has been experimenting with how to incorporate the second area into the concert cohesively. Most festivals just book their headliners and split them up between stages to disperse the crowd evenly among concert grounds. This summer EI has taken a more dedicated approach, one that fosters growth among new attendees and yet keeps the core supporters who have been apart of the initial growth satisfied. This is the most apparent with the musical stylings of the two stages during the upcoming Civic Holiday showcase.

Acts like Sydney Blu, Shiba San, and Green Velvet on the main stage play tech house that tends to be a little more friendly for first-timers. Upbeat melodies, longer breaks, and vocals, you can consider their style a gateway music for fans who are starting to explore electronic music away from the popular top 40 clubs. On the Moog Audio stage, the energy changes when Archie Hamilton headlines. Archie is a record shop digger and will definitely have some of the most refined tracks at his finger tips ready to go when he hits the stage. For fans who want something more intricate and selective when it comes to DJ sets, this will be the stage to be.


The last five years have seen unprecedented growth in Toronto for Electric Island. What started as a small musical showcase for some of the underground DJs and fans in the scene, has turned into one of the most popular long weekend parties in Toronto. While organizers are still playing trial and error with trying to strike a balance between newcomers and industry veterans, hopefully this formula with some continued work will lead towards one.

Photo by Ded Pixel. 

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