Electric Island makes a hot Canada Day return


Photo by KURTHOOP and Wes C of Ded Agency

Electric Island returns for their Canada Day showcase amidst temperatures set to be in the mid thirties all weekend long. Though it might get a little toasty at times, there is no better place to be on a hot summer day than on the island soaking in some sun and some beats.

While the first Electric Island returned with a line-up that was pretty versatile to appease all sorts of different attendees, the Canada Day edition seems to be aimed towards the more well-versed industry fans. The day starts off with No.19 queen, Jade, and from there progresses into a couple different strands of music for the day. Anna will bring some heavier techno vibes to the island, while Billy Kenny’s more upbeat tech house will hit it off with the non regulars. Robert Babicz, a fan favourite from 2016, will also be throwing it down on the Moog Audio stage.


Ending things off are the need no introduction Martinez Brothers and Jackmaster, the rising superstar who hit it big out of Glasgow in 2015. Once again, this party has been moved to Sunday so you’ll get a full day of rest to sleep the party off before heading back to work. So if the Island puts you in the right mood and you still feel like dancing, check out the Coda afterparty for more heat.  The weather is hot, so make sure to stay hydrated and bring plenty of sunscreen!

Tickets available here.



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