Five Reasons To Go Electric Island This Summer


By Kaivan Adjedani.

Electric Island is on the precipice of becoming both a staple event in Toronto and an internationally acclaimed electronic event. Over the past five years the summer concert series has grown from a local industry party to a must-attend event series bringing out dedicated techno fans and musical nomads from every corner of Toronto. Season passes that grant access to each individual event are now on sale, and below we’ve outlined five reasons why you should grab yours before prices go up.

The Location


The commute to Hanlan’s Point is a part of the entire island experience. Before you even get onto the concert grounds, you have to hop on the Toronto ferry which takes you across Lake Ontario, a sight like no other when the sun is shining on a hot summer day. Dreamy blue skies, a cool breeze, and mists from the lake; beats taking an uber any day.

The Atmosphere



Electric Island always turns into a full blown mad-house once the evening starts winding down, but during the first few hours the vibe is much different. The beats are more relaxed and the island is much less busy, it’s a perfect time to lay around on a picnic blanket with some friends and enjoy the day. While the party is sure to pick up later on, we strongly suggest kicking back and enjoying the island weather before you get into the dance spirit later on.

The Extras


Apart from the music and visuals, there are plenty of things scattered around the event grounds to indulge in during your time on the island. From Snapple and Nestea stands to independent clothing and jewellery vendors, there’s enough to keep you occupied should you choose to step away from the crowd at some point. If you start to get a little overheated, take a walk through the mist tent and then kick back at the Du Maurier lounge for a little breather, then get back to the action.

The Bookings


Despite the fact that Toronto is starting to make waves on the international circuit as an integral techno city, good bookings are still sometimes difficult to secure given the location of our city and lack of proximity towards the average DJs touring route. Electric Island garners enough attention however to be able to bring in some of the biggest names in the scene. Electric Island could be on the verge of becoming a world renowned stage for DJs, and the bookings made by the promoters this year will ultimately determine if it heads towards that direction. Regardless of who actually gets booked, there will be enough diversity in the line-up to give fans from all across the musical spectrum something to enjoy.

The Afterparty


As mentioned above, Electric Island is an opportunity to bring out some of the bigger names in the scene that bring the bigger booking fees with them. Once they’re here, it’s much easier to get them to agree to a more intimate set once the last ferry leaves the island. Over the past few years, Coda has delivered the likes of Dixon, Tale of Us, and a seven hour Sven Väth special set to close things out. There’s also an even better chance for rare double sets, as we’ve seen with Art Department b2b DJ Three and Maceo Plex b2b Roman Flügel. The dates for the island have now been moved a day back in most cases, so you can attend these massive parties and rest up the next day before work.

The Electric Island Summer Concert Series is not one you want to miss. We suggest getting your season passes now, and avoid risking a sell out.

Check out more photos here.

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