Four Coda Sets We Loved


Since opening their doors four years ago on a chilly January night, Coda has become the staple venue for techno and house events in Toronto. They’ve hosted some of the worlds fastest rising producers just before hitting superstardom, and have had intimate sets featuring some of the worlds biggest superstars including Eric Prydz and James Blake. Celebrating four successful years, CODA is having a two night anniversary weekend featuring Format:B and Honey Dijon. Until then, we look back at some of the nights that made CODA live up to its name in the Toronto techno scene.

Sven Väth 


Electric Island, also run by Coda management, is arguably the best party in Toronto all summer. So when a massive storm forced fans to evacuate the season finale mere hours into the event, it was quite a disappointment to say the least. Not to leave fans without a proper summer sendoff, headliner Sven Väth was booked at Coda for a seven hour afterparty. The result, a Coda crowd and vibe that no-one had ever seen before. Everyone was happy, everyone was dancing, and Väth kept pumping out tunes that only increased the energy with each transition. It was the right way to end a great summer of techno.

Dennis Ferrer b2b Nitin


Dennis Ferrer is already an experience on his own. His charisma, mixing, and jovial facial expressions, bring an unmatched energy to any venue he plays in. Insert Nitin, one of the best track selectors in the game, and you have a mix that will have the crowd at full attention. The tracks were bumping and the dance floor was grooving; a simple sentiment but ultimately the archetype of a Coda night.

Kerri Chandler


This was one of the most anticipated Coda bookings seen in a while, and for good reason too. As soon as Kerri Chandler got on the decks he was pumping out tune after tune and the crowd did not stop moving once. Cutting up classic New York and Chicago house tracks with disco classics, Chandler had transformed Coda into Studio 54 for the night. He kept the floor full right until the very end, and even played a last encore track for the crowd after the clubs closing hours. It was nothing like Coda has seen before, but we only hope to see it again.



Never in Coda’s four years have we seen the club so packed. After killing their electric island performance two months prior, Bedouin were booked for a smaller show this past summer. The line to get in stretched almost an entire block, and the inside was packed wall to wall. Not to let a full crowd down, the two DJs kept the energy up with their unique blend of middle eastern inspired house and techno. It was a wild night but if you made it in, it was worth the wait. Two words of advice for next time; Advanced Tickets.

With such an ecstatic year in the books, join CODA in celebration of what’s now to come February 2nd and 3rd with Format:B and Honey Dijon.

By Kaivan Adjedani. 

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