Preview: Coors Light Snowbombing | Kamloops, BC


Warm weather is great, Canada doesn’t get much of it though. It’s hard to rock cute flower crowns and layered crochet crop tops when you have to prepare for the possibility of a thunderstorm, heatwave, and cold temperatures all in one day. So how do you plan a festival when the entire country is covered in snow for half the year? Climb 7000 feet. Literally.

Coors Light Snowbombing is a four day festival experience taking place in the beautiful mountains of British Colombia on April 5th to April 9th. After a largely successful inaugural year, Snowbombing returns by popular demand featuring headliners Cardi B and ODESZA. Festivals in North America are a dime a dozen compared to the experience of jamming out for four days on a fully equipped ski resort thousands of feet up in the air. If past festivals are any indication, the West knows how to do it right and Snowbombing will be no exception. Check out the teaser video below for the lineup and more!

Hotel packages available here.

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