Preview: Dennis Ferrer @ Coda | Toronto, ON


Coda enlists the help of house icon Dennis Ferrer and Nitin to celebrate 14 years of House Addict, this Saturday December 2nd. The Toronto weather is giving one more week of mild temperatures before heading into a full throttle Canadian winter, so this may be the last chance to make way to Coda while temperatures are above zero.

Despite having more than two decades under his belt, Ferrer has stayed relevant through every musical fad and trend by maintaining only the highest quality sound everywhere he plays. Ferrer has headlined some of the worlds biggest clubs and played the most exclusive stages all while staying true to his New York house roots. The only thing more eclectic than his track selection is his stage presence; so be ready for a show when you see him behind the decks on Saturday night.

Providing support will be Toronto hometown hero Nitin. Despite being a world renowned act and one of the most talented DJs in the techno community, Nitin calls Toronto home and plays the city frequently. With Nitin though, quantity does not effect the quality he provides. Nitin’s music catalogue is rivalled only by those of Tini and Loco Dice, so expect some floor rockers to start the night out.

Advanced tickets are still available, so make sure to grab yours to avoid a wait!


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