Interview: Thee FFF talks new EP Contradiction

THEE FFF _Credit_Vanessa_Moore (1)

By Erin Holdbeck. Chicago legend Felix Da Housecat has teamed up with Montreal duo Hoopalaï to release their genre bending EP Contradiction. Under the alias, Thee FFF, these three house and techno veterans bring their own unique sounds together in the two-track EP, which will be fully released November 24th. With a combination of distorted vocals, thumping bass, and hypnotic accents you can expect Thee FFF’s tracks to be staples at late-night functions.

We had a chance to catch up with Thee FFF to find out more about their compilation and the inspiration behind Contradiction.

When did you first meet and what sparked the inspiration to form THEE FFF?

François and Felix were both DJing in Mexico on the same weekend and bumped into each other by coincidence. They quickly hit it off. Later that year, Lebaron invited Felix to play in Montreal at Club Peopl for the Blackkout Tour. When Felix was back in Montreal (summer 2015), they hooked up with Fred (thee other “F”) and had their first jam session. “All This” was produced right off the bat and can be heard on the upcoming Contradiction EP. During some later studio sessions, we made a few other tunes and thought we should share the music. Thee FFF was born.

How has working together as THEE FFF differed from past collabs?

Most of the collabs these days are done over the internet. However, we have the chance to meet up quite often, which definitely brings a genuine approach to our music.

Chicago and Montreal are two cities with deep roots in house and techno, yet produce their own distinct sounds. How did you find your differing genres and backgrounds contributed to Contradiction?

We like to say we have a “Chicago heart but a Detroit mind, while being from different places.”  Contradiction is a good example of our influences; the hook of the vocal and the bumpy Chicago bassline, mixed in with Detroit loopyness.

Speaking of backgrounds, youve all been involved in the underground music scene since the early 90s. As dance music culture has evolved and become more popular, what are the biggest changes youve noticed? 

Definitely the change from physical records to digital music. In past decades (from the 30’s to the 90’s), musicians needed to put on a good show and be entertainers in order to get a record deal. Today, you have to be willing to give your music away for free to  earn fans (even without a show) before you can fill up a venue and …”maybe” be able to deliver a proper performance. ”Likes” are sometimes more important than the actual music today. BUT, the good news is there’s still amazing talent out there, who keep the real artist values alive!

Either individually or as a group, what has been the biggest highlight of 2017 so far?

Just being able coordinate our individual schedule to make our projects happen. Looks easy… but it’s not (haha)!

Following the release of Contradiction, whats next for THEE FFF?

More music and a tour! Stay tuned.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and best of luck with what comes next!

Contradiction is available on Friday, November 24th. Take a listen to Thee FFF’sAll This.” for a teaser.

Interview was edited and revised for clarity. 

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