Preview: Paco Osuna @ CODA | Toronto, ON


Coda nightclub has again displayed their relentlessness in booking power by securing one of the worlds most sought after acts, Paco Osuna, for a night in Toronto. The Spaniard only plays the most elite parties worldwide and is footed on every festival lineup that deserves merit, hence terming the phrase “No Paco no party”. Supported by Toronto talent Addy and Alex Harris, we’ll give you a little heads up on what to expect and why you should definitely be in attendance.

Paco Osuna is a staple name in the techno world, and has played about once a year in Toronto for over the last decade. While repeat bookings tend to not last very long in the dynamic Toronto techno culture, Osuna’s passion for innovative and experimental methods have kept him fresh and always unique in an industry which throws DJs out as easily as it swallows them up. Each set of his is a different experience, though he keeps the same foundational talent and superb track selection you would expect from the Music On regular. Advanced tickets are available, albeit barely, so get them here to avoid the gamble of entry at the door!




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