Halloween Weekend Toronto: Techno Picks

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By Kaivan Adjedani. 

“There are two types of girls on Halloween”. This saying rings true for party people as well. There are those who love the over capacity top 40 clubs, and then there are those who don’t care to hear fifty different ways “swish swish bitch” can be played over a beat. If you fall into the latter like myself, then take a look below at some of the best and ~spookiest~ parties happening in Toronto this weekend.


re:set (Coda Nightclub) 22831402_10155310335719633_634566264_o

Seven weeks ago All Blak Records launched a niche party series taking place in the Coda side room every Thursday. The dynamic is a bit more relaxed than your average Coda party, so you’ll definitely have enough energy to go harder on the Friday and Saturday nights. Featuring a roster of DJs with a superb ear for track selection, drink specials, and no cover; the crystal ball isn’t showing any future competition for Thursday nights.


Davide Squillace (One Loft) 

Davide Squillace is notoriously renowned for his quality mixing and Barcelona tech house sound. This booking is on the more rare side for Toronto, but hopefully with enough support this event will push the envelope towards more bookings like this.  If quality track selection is what you’re looking for on Friday night, Davide Squillace is your man.

Rendezvous (Parlour)

It’s no secret that we love Parlour. The atmosphere and venue inside the Adelaide semi-lounge is second to none in the city. The Rendezvous series will be focused on highlighting Toronto’s tremendous local talent, featuring a b2b between Ûmi and Night Vision. If you’re looking for beautiful decor, vibrant ambiance, and a versatile selection of liquors; Parlour is definitely your go to for Friday night.


Halloween Freakout (401 Mini Indy) 

Green Velvet and Prozzak are headlining this massive party on Saturday at the 401 Mini Indy, featuring support by a large number of Toronto’s local talent. All of the attractions are open, which means you can go glow in the dark mini golfing or go karting during teh event. There’s also a best costume contest, so get out your ~spookiest~ (or sexiest) gear and make your way to the 401 Indy for a night of fun.

Creatures of the Night (Coda)

There’s not really much to say about Coda that we haven’t said already. If there is anywhere that we would recommend going Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls costume, it’s inside the dark walls of the Toronto haven. The music is always good, the venue can get very dark; what else can you ask for to close out Halloween in Toronto? Tickets here.


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