ALBUM REVIEW: Maya Jane Coles – Take Flight


Reviewing a Maya Jane Coles album has proven to be quite a difficult task. How do you critique an artist that’s done it all? Maya Jane Coles has sold out venues across the world, been charted by the most notorious DJs, and worked with many of the worlds biggest superstars including fellow British act Florence + the Machine. At this point, producing a stellar work of art comes intrinsically for Maya Jane Coles. Now, Maya Jane Coles has returned with another exceptional work of art, Take Flight, a two disc album featuring some of her best work yet.

The thing with Maya Jane Coles is she’s reached a tier where she needs to go above and beyond just to challenge her own standard. Staying fresh in the industry is a given for Maya. She’s well past having to produce four track EPs to get charted and recognized. Rather the producer, who has yet to hit thirty years of age, has reached an echelon in the industry where the only individual she has to impress is herself. Speaking solely from a listeners viewpoint however, this album is nothing but Maya excellence throughout.

The compilation is everything you would expect from MJC; sultry melodies, sensual vocals, and darker vibes. The first disc contains tracks like Lucky Charm, Keep Me Warm, and Weak that are slower in tempo with more vocals. It seems more suited for personal listening, the lyrics are longer and meant to be enjoyed as an element on their own. Disc 2 is where you’ll find dance floor tracks. Tracks like Werk and Cherry Bomb  have the signature repeating synths and deeper basslines meant for mixes. Both come together to create a well balanced piece of work that showcases Maya Jane Coles‘ versatility in music production. Disc 1 may be better suited for an intimate night in with a couple friends, while disc 2 is exactly what you would bumping while getting ready to go out.

Overall, there’s no way to give a quantitative value to assess any body of work from Maya Jane Coles. Giving a MJC album a 10/10 is counterproductive, since all of her work already meets the highest standard there is for a producer in todays day and age. Rather, judge this album by the way you connect to it. No track is better than the former or latter, so find the ones that move you. There are bound to be more than one in such a quality packed selection of tracks.

By Kaivan Adjedani.


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