Review: Ellen Allien “NOST RMXS PART 1” | B-Pitch Control Records


11136302_1178775145482179_7031601474564947670_o11136302_1178775145482179_7031601474564947670_o11136302_1178775145482179_7031601474564947670_o11136302_1178775145482179_7031601474564947670_oB-Pitch Control Records returns with another stellar release, this time with a remix package of their very own founder and label owner Ellen Allien. Featuring four distinct remixes of two songs from her album NOST, “Call Me” and “Mind Journey”, part 1 has a diverse sound that will be sure to satisfy across the entire techno spectrum.

Whether it’s an abandoned subway tunnel in the city of Berlin where B-Pitch was founded, or the outdoor oasis of Ibiza clubs like Circoloco, this remix package provides a diverse selection for a diverse range of DJs. The first “Call Me” remix is catered to the deep and dark Berlin venues. Emmanuel Top’s edit features a heavy kick with an echoing snare which is sure to make any big room festival or show explode.

The second remix of “Call Me”, done by K-Hand, might be the gem of the entire album. The track is a classic techno vocal mix, featuring an eerie female voice being filtered and looped over a building bassline, catchy synths, and the traditional techno symbol clash. With a couple of surprise kicks and snares hidden throughout the build, K-Hand follows the techno track 101 recipe while adding his own unique touch. This track accurately nails the B-Pitch mission to create classic yet innovative techno music. A solid addition to this remix package.

“Mind Journey” was without a doubt one of the standout tracks on Ellen Alliens original NOST release, so seeing it featured with two new edits may cause skepticism. The remixes use the technique of repetition more than the previous track edits, but each individual remix tackles a different sound. ROD’s remix has a heavy kick drum and piercing snares that echo throughout, better suited for a big room set or festival. The Skudge remix on the other hand takes on a deeper techno sound. The kick comes in with heavy sub-bass, and repeats on a four-bar count with rotating synths, snares, and claps providing support. Skudge’s remix brings memories of the monstrous tracks Nicole Moudaber would open with when she first came onto the scene. No minor accomplishment for any of the producers she chose to give that honour to.

Overall the remix package provides a high-quality production of Berlin influenced techno, though it can be heavy and repetitive for casual listening. This remix package may not be something you want to wind down to after a long day at work, but when played in the right moments each of these tracks will cease to fail to get a crowd to react to the beat. 4/5.

NOST RMXS 1 is available on September 1st.

Preview Here


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