Review: Electric Island Victoria Day @ Woodbine Park


By Kaivan Adjedani. It’s hard to explain the magic of Electric Island to someone who has never actually attended the event. The entire thing is a spectacle. The food trucks, the vendors, the unique vibes, and most importantly the selection of music, it all comes together to provide an experience that only happens during the four summer long weekends in Toronto. This year, flooding on the Toronto islands caused event organizers to move the summer picnic series to Woodbine Park for the first time. That didn’t stop the event from continuing to be a massive success, an appropriate way to kick off the five year anniversary.

For the fifth year of Electric Island, organizers tried their hand at something new; a smaller second stage. Garden Grove, located near the rear of the concert grounds, was a unique addition to Electric Island and was executed phenomenally. Located in between several lofty trees, the stage felt as though it were in the middle of an enchanted forest. While the scenery could have easily turned overwhelming, Red Axes and Rebolledo’s selection of music made those in attendance feel at ease with the surroundings, not lost in them. The deep funky vibes were a perfect more serene approach to the day, giving those that wanted to simply unwind a chance to do so, while those that were here to party headed to the main stage.

Those hoping for the classic festival experience weren’t disappointed at the main stage.  Bedouin got things rolling with a melodic deep house set, while Eats Everything came on with plenty of tech house bangers to give the crowd energy heading into the sunset. When it came time for much anticipated crowd favourite Joris Voorn to take the stage, he gave fans everything their high expectations were hoping for and more. The young dutchman came ready with an assortment of music that had the crowd constantly making distorted faces at each other, the only appropriate reaction to the  monstrous basslines and catchy melodies.

When the night wound down, it was time for Berlin icon Ben Klock to kick things into a hard techno mood. Klock came with an arsenal of heavy techno tracks, which is exactly what the Toronto crowd was craving. Playing deep and distorted, the Berghain resident was perfectly in sync with the Toronto techno fans. With a set that resonated so well with the audience, the just short of two hour set felt like a bit of a tease. Luckily for Toronto, Klock also threw it down for another three hours at the Coda afterparty. Until next time…


Photos by Wes C. 

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