Interview: Faulkner talks working with RZA on latest record “Revanchist”

Bi-Coastal NYC/Venice electro-rockers FAULKNER (Lucas Asher, Eric Scullin, Dimitri Farougias, Christian Hogan) have made a big rise in the scene by dropping their latest EP, Revanchist. Faulkner’s ability to genrebend synth electronic and indie rock is what’s really setting them apart from the rest. Their collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan’s “RZA” brings a brand new vibe with dark pianos and powerful synths coupled with additions of heavy bass; Faulkner is bringing something new to the game. Into The Crowd had the opportunity to them about their collaborations with RZA and how that changed the way they view music.

What are some inspirations for this latest record, Revanchist?

Wu-Tang Clan, that’s why worked with RZA. We worked with an Eminem collaborator. Its hush hush. However Rick Rubin, David Bowie, Clash, Yeezus really inspired us [too]

Wait. Yeezus, really?

Yeah, listen to “Waters Are Rising”.

If you were to describe your music to somebody else, in one phrase, what would it be?

The bastard baby of David Bowie and Clash.

What was is like working with the legendary RZA?

We became students again. He dropped tons of wisdom on us. He has the method of working with philosophy, numerology, and science. He just blends everything together into the production; it’s mind blowing.

He incorporates math. He’s the most intelligent human beings we’ve ever met and had the pleasure of working with. He applied himself 100% to the music and the band. Just super cool and laid back.

It’s really neat how he was able to work with a different genre?

Absolutely. We’re the first indie band he’s ever worked with, so it’s not like he’s trying to fuck with indie bands. So he, ya know.

That’s a pretty special honor to hold. What’s something he’s said to you that kind of clicked?

“Bong Bong” *laughs*

Is that an inside joke?

No, he uses that phrase for everything. If he agrees with you or likes something….One bong he’s into it. Two bongs…he’s really into it!

That’s hilarious.

The coolest thing he did was that he poured everyone a glass of scotch, which was amazing, and when we started working the first thing he did was change the tempo of the demo we had sent him…and he went into this whole “numerology” thing about why the tempo should be 88. Once he was done, because he’s worked with Quentin Tarantino on Crazy 88 and he was like “Bong Bong”. We bonded, it was cool.

I really enjoyed all the synth involved in this record. Tell me about the combination of rock and electronic here, what made you want to blend the two?

Here’s the thing, we are very different people… just as humans. So coming together, we’ve been doing this for 3+ years, It’s trying to fit three different people in all together in one room and try and make it work. That was just, I guess authentic to each member. We all threw it together and made a big ‘ol gumbo.

Out of all the songs, which one did you have the pleasure of making most?

“I’m Stoned” it’s always fun to play.

What is the overall message you want to send to your audience?

Hedonism. We are living out our dream and just having a good time.

Other than the message of hedonism, is there anything else you’d want your fans to know about Faulkner?

I’d like them to know that we’re real, and that they can have a drink with us. We ride the subway and we take red eyes. We go through the same thing they do… we just get to be on stage.

Check out their latest music video below!

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