Review: My Favorite Robot @ Parlour (Toronto) | August 6th, 2016


By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. Since its inception in May of this year Mahdavi Management has been hard at work orchestrating some of the finest events and parties in Toronto. Those who know Sherry (Mahdavi) know that she’s the force behind some of Toronto’s most successful large-scale events;  Bestival, Electric Island, and countless Coda parties to name a few.  Though recently it’s her more intimate gatherings like Courtyard Thursdays on Parlours beautiful terrace or the East Room party with AmirAli that have left their mark on us. This Saturday was no different as the My Favorite Robot Label Series was launched inside Parlor featuring label heads My Favorite Robot to kick the series off.

The set up at Parlour on this night was absolutely breathtaking. The dim lighting gave glimpses at some of the elegant details in the club such as the exposed brick walls, large windows, and antique Victorian furniture for decor. The space resembled something similar to a speakeasy you would find in an alleyway in Marseille or Rome, not a club located smack in the middle of Toronto’s entertainment district. If it weren’t for the fact that you could see the CN tower when breaking for a cigarette, you may as well have thought you were in Europe.

My Favorite Robot seemed to wrap the entire experience together perfectly. The duo delivered a set that felt sensual, romantic, and personal; a perfect demonstration of how to read and use your surroundings. As the night wound down and became more intimate, the vocals became more sultry and the beats more sexy. Despite the dance floor being packed and the DJ booth surrounded, it really did feel as though you spent the entire night  alone with the music.

The night ended as it started, with a few familiar faces all happy to be living in the moment and enjoying an intimate night out on the town. My Favorite Robot, along with Parlour and Mahdavi, breathed new life into the city on Saturday night. Toronto will always have a reputation for throwing down some of the greatest big techno parties there are. Now, thanks to the My Favorite Robot Label Series, the city will also be known for small ones as well. Until next time




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