Preview: Electric Island Civic Holiday Edition | August 1st


By Kaivan Adjedani. Electric Island returns with yet another one of their eclectic parties, going down this Monday for the Civic Holiday. While the cloudy weather put a bit of a damp mood (pun intended) on the Canada Day party, the overall vibes of the event as a whole kept people dancing and smiling despite the lack of sunshine. Rain or shine, Electric Island will always continue to turn out a great party, though we can’t say we’re too upset that the forecast calls for sunny skies this time around.

Once again Electric Island is a party that extends so much further beyond the music itself. Everything from the food vendors, to the decor, to the several sponsored station adds a little special something to the overall energy that overtakes the island during these events. However, musically Electric Island is still unparalleled by any other event.

Andhim and Gui Boratto are the perfect acts to kick off the vibes with some summer festival deep and tech house. Both of these acts have an exceptional track selection when it comes to those perfect bouncy and vocal tracks you want to hear during the day to get you dancing and grooving in the sun. They will waste no time in kicking things off right this time around.

Listening to Paul Kalkbrenner‘s sets on soundcloud can get you super excited to welcome him to play on a stage near you. However, like several other DJs who fly into Canada to play, he tends to save his lazier stuff for his friends up North. His performance at Igloofest wasn’t anything mind blowing, but we’ve yet to see him play a festival in Toronto recently. Here’s to hoping that Electric Island will give him the platform to deliver a stellar set.

Guy Gerber and Nitin are probably the easiest to write a preview about. Why? Because they always deliver. Gerber recently teamed up with rap mogul P.Diddy for an album collaboration called 11 11. He now holds his own residency in Ibiza, where he hosts a weekly party for his label Rumors. Try accomplishing all of that without knowing a thing or two about throwing down a great set. Nitin on the other hand has been successfully running No.19, a label known for their stellar DJ roster and track releases. Every time he hits the stage, he keeps the energy high and the vibes good. Monday will be no different.

Electric Island is truly one of the most exceptionally unique events Toronto has to offer. Come spend the Civic Holiday dancing in the sun with Paul Kalkbrenner, Guy Gerber, Gui Boratto, Andhim, and Nitin.

Gates open at 1PM. Tickets available here.






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