PREVIEW: Senseless @ Evergreen Brick Works (Toronto) | July 9th, 2016


By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. A brand new concept is arriving exclusively to Toronto on July 9th, and expect it to make waves. Senseless, though featuring one of the most forward thinking lineups musically, is much more than simply a music festival. Taking place on July 9th, the event will be an immersive experience aimed at engaging all five senses for what will be one of the most unique events to take place in Toronto.

Taking place at the Evergreen Brick Works, the venue is just as unique as the event itself. A half open quasi industrial space, the Brick Works are what you would get if you combined a Soviet era assembly line factory and a greenhouse. As strange as that sounds, we can promise it will serve as one of the better backdrops for the DJs booked to play Saturdays event, beating out a fog machine and strobe lights any day. Paired with the unique food vendors booked and the interactive activities taking place, it’s going to be exciting to see all of the different elements, and of course senses, come together inside this factory style venue.

There’s so much to look forward to at Senseless that it’s almost easy to forget about the main reason why it’s taking place, the music. This would certainly be a mistake as the carefully curated lineup booked for Saturday consists of some of the worlds most talented DJs and live acts, who rarely frequent Toronto to begin with. Acts like Frank & Tony and Maher Daniel will be sure to take full advantage of the daytime setting and venue, blasting out the best tech house you’ll hear all summer. While it will be exciting to also see rare live acts, such as Rodriguez Jr and Isolee throw it down later at night.

Enable and heighten all your senses to a contrast of different sounds at the Evergreen Brickworks this Saturday July 9th. This is the must attend music event of the summer, and we doubt you’ll see something quite as unique until we hear of a return. Tickets HERE.

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