Staff Review: Bestival 2016 – Zev’s Highlights | June 11-12, 2016

By: Zev Citron, Senior Editor. Toronto’s Woodbine Park turned into an exhibition of music, food, and culture with this year’s installment of the UK-based Bestival. With The Cure and Tame Impala headlining the weekend, festival goers were sure to have a blast during both days. So without further or do, here are my overall highlights and lowlights of Bestival 2016.

Photo Credit: Alec Luna (Into The Crowd)

Photo Credit: Alec Luna (Into The Crowd Magazine)

Highlight: Venue Choice

The biggest difference between this year’s Bestival and last year’s is the change of location. The organizers had heard the pleas of the thousands of people who were more than dissatisfied with the festival being on Toronto Island, mainly due to the ferry trip back to the mainland. This year’s venue was very easy to access and more than big enough to hold the thousands of people who showed up for this year’s festival.

Highlight: Free Water!

While Sunday was a beautiful day for an outdoor festival, Saturday was an absolute scorcher. If you weren’t keen on spending 4$ for a bottle of water, the free water stations became must-go attractions on the festival grounds.

Lowlight: Promotions

Being constantly approached by different companies and sponsors asking for personal information is definitely something that can get under your skin. The amount of times I was approached to sign up to get a free tote bag almost totaled the amount of heavy bass drops under the Bacardi Big Top Stage.

Highlight: The Headliners

Coming from someone who has seen the Aussie group perform three times, Tame Impala keeps getting better and better both live and in studio. Ripping through tracks from all three of their albums including their critically acclaimed 2015 LP, Currents, they had the massive crowd singing and dancing throughout their 90 minute set to close the first day.

Post-punk legends, The Cure, led by original front man, Robert Smith, graced Bestival with their presence to close the final day. Smith may be getting old, but he can still wail like it was 1989. Their 2 and a half hour set consisted of songs that spanned their entire career including “Just Like Heaven” and “Lovesong.” Even with some bumps and hiccups from their sound technician, Smith and Co. kept it cool and delivered a set worthy of closing this year’s festival.

Highlight: The Bestival Inflatable Church

Bestival celebrate music, culture and art, but also very much spreading love. With their motto #IncreaseThePeace, there’s no better way of increasing the peace than allowing people to get married by self-proclaimed love gurus with a ton of confetti.

It was extremely difficult to think of even one lowlight for this year’s Bestival. Besides the nagging promoters and the occasional annoying fest goer, Bestival was filled with only highs. Besides the two headliners, other artists performed their hearts out to ruckus applause including Daughter, Grimes, and Swim Deep.  Overall, Bestival 2016 was an absolute success. Until next year!

Photo Credit: Stevie Gedge (Bestival)

Photo Credit: Stevie Gedge (Bestival)

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