Preview: Summerdaze Presents: Hito | June 4th

13247958_10154011207361418_1306528313930054511_oBy Into The Crowd Staff. After kicking off an unforgettable season opener, Summerdaze makes it’s return for their second event of the season June 4th. Enter.Sake resident and Richie Hawtin protegé Hito will be taking on the headlining responsibilities, bringing her all vinyl set up and a special guest over to Toronto for the day. Not to be mistaken for any regular event, Summerdaze has decided to transform the Sunnyside Pavillion Concert Park into an authentic Japanese Garden, Japanese attire is highly recommended.

Since first taking over control of the Enter.Sake experience at Space Ibiza, Hito has established herself as a powerful force in the techno world. Acclaimed to be Japan’s finest techno export, Hito has quickly become one of the household minimal techno names in Ibiza. Making her Toronto debut on Saturday, Hito‘s set will be yet another one of the superb bookings Summerdaze has managed to pull together this season. The eccentric  Japanese superstar will be likely rocking yet another one of her traditional Japanese garments, paying homage to her heritage and cultural influences that have shaped her sound.

Summerdaze again will be an event like no other this Saturday upon playing host to Hito inside the Sunnyside Pavillion turned traditional Japanese garden for the day. To say that Toronto is lucky to have such a booking is an understatement, but there is also going to be a special guest there too. We don’t want to make any premature assumptions, but Richie Hawtin himself is throwing an Enter.Sake party at Coda the night before. Will Saturday turn into a full blown Enter.Sake Japanese garden party? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Tickets Available Here





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