Review: Toronto’s Summerdaze starts the season off right | May 15th, 2016


By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Sunday May 15th, the Summerdaze concert series returned for it’s fifth season inside Toronto’s infamous Steamwhistle Brewery. Toronto has always held the highest standard standard when it comes to the planning and execution of summer events in the city, and Summerdaze was no exception.  Toronto’s popular brewery felt more like a warehouse and the lineup featuring headliners Marques Wyatt and Bedouin gave the entire event a very exclusive underground house music party feel.

Toronto residents actually woke up to colder single digit weather the morning of the first  summer season event, a feeling Torontonians are unfortunately all used to. However clubs like Coda and Nest have been filled from wall to wall when temperatures rivaled those of the North Pole, so nothing was going to stop the city’s true Canadians from getting  festive for the summer ahead. The exposed brick backdrop and large windows gave the room a very open yet intimate feel. It was definitely one of the more unique spaces the scene would party in this summer, and it provided the music with a little something extra throughout the event.

Despite the niche location, everyone was still there for the music that united them all. After a killer last minute opening set by Jamie Kidd, Marques Wyatt was on the decks with a tech house set that seemed perfectly made just for this event. Transitioning through an assortment of different melodies, vocals, and basslines; Wyatt‘s tech house took the crowd through an assortment of different grooves that kept everyone dancing happily throughout.

When the sun had set and the darkness began to fall, it was Bedouin‘s turn to take over on the tables. The Brooklyn duo came out swinging heavy, dropping one fire track after another. While Bedouin stayed true to their classic Middle Eastern inspired melodic sound, they increased the tempo of their set by just enough to sound appropriate for their closing slot. Bedouin‘s signature Arabic inspired melodies filled the room over harder and heavier beats, proving that no matter where or when these guys play their sound will stick.

The crowd stayed until the very end, possibly drying up a good supply of the beer in the brewery, and even dragging the Bedouin guys throughout a couple extra encore tracks. While it’s hard to predict what the next event in the unique string of Summerdaze dates will go like, it’s pretty much certain at this point that it’s a party you won’t want to miss. Until then..



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