Interview: Infected Mushroom talks latest LP, Converting Vegetarians II


By Zev Citron, Senior Editor.

Israeli psytrance duo Infected Mushroom stopped by Toronto along with their live band in support of their latest LP, Converting Vegetarians II. Minutes before they went on stage at the Phoenix to perform their absolutely insane 2 hour set, I had the pleasure to have a quick sit-down with Erez and Duvdev to discuss their new album.

Welcome to Toronto! This is your first time performing at the Phoenix since the Guvernment closed down.

Duvdev: Thanks! Yeah, but its the same crew that’s been with us over the years. Same support but it’s a new venue. Great for live sets and were happy to be back.

So your latest LP is the sequel to 2003’s Converting Vegetarians. Could you tell me what makes this a sequel? You seem to go back to your psytrance roots this time around compared to your recent Friends on Mushrooms compilation.

converting vegetarians 2 albumDuvdev: Well, we wanted to do a sequel to CV for years but we didn’t have the time. After we finished the Friends on Mushrooms series, we said lets do it. It was a pleasure making it. Funny enough, you mentioned that this album is going back to our psytrance roots. Thats 100% correct. Also we have a new EP coming out this year which is completely psytrance. CVII was a really fun project to work on. We spent two years working on it.

Erez: We’re already working on the next phase.

We can’t wait! So you guys have been in the music industry for two decades now. What are the drastic changes you’ve seen in the past 20 years?

Duvdev: Everything changed man. This whole fucking planet has changed.

Erez: Except airplanes.

Duvdev: True. So besides airplanes, everything changed. Music-wise, industry-wise. But it’s fun to still be here and hopefully be relevant for the next generation.

What would you say the main difference is between an Infected Mushroom DJ set and a set with your live band?

Duvdev: The live shows always go much more ballistic because that’s really what Infected Mushroom is. When we DJ it’s just fun and games for me and Erez

Erez: The DJ sets allow us try out new and different stuff as well as stuff by other artists.

Duvdev: But tonight you’re gonna see what Infected Mushroom is all about. Only Infected Mushroom music. We make mistakes. It’s fun to make live music for this genre of music. The crew that’s here tonight is the same band that’s been together for the past 10 years so we’re kind of a family onstage so we’re gonna have a good time.

Who would be your number one artist to go on tour with?

Duvdev: There’s so many to choose from! But at the moment, I’d love to go on tour with Major Lazer right now, f*ck yeah!

Converting Vegetarians II is out now and available for purchase on iTunes.


Infected Mushroom (Live) at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on Friday Feb 19, 2016. Catch them next this summer in Toronto @ Digital Dreams Festival (July 2‑3). 

Photo by Tiffany Lam

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