Review: Pan-Pot @ Coda (Toronto) | February 12, 2016


By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Friday February 12th, Berlin duo Pan-Pot made their return to Toronto after playing one of the most well received sets of the summer at Electric Island. Despite temperatures reaching a seasonal low of -39 Celcius outdoors, crowds showed up by the dozens outside Coda Nightclub, with great anticipation to get inside.

If you were expecting a low turnout due to the North Pole rivalling temperatures outdoors, you were in for a great surprise once you walked inside the doors at Coda. An army of Canada Goose parkas all lined up the wall leading to coat check, anxiously awaiting to make it to the dance floor and let loose. Even from the hallway that separated the mainfloor and the coat check arena, the sounds of Greg Gow and other Toronto locals started filling the space and setting the mood right for the night to come.

About an hour past midnight, the Berlin duo made their way onto the decks to kick off their set. Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, the two masterminds behind Pan-Pot, started the night off on a sporadic note. Throwing out a mixture of different basslines, the duo jumped from sound to sound to start their night off. Once they found the vibe that got the crowd going, it was evident that the duos approach wasn’t random but rather a strategic sampling of music that determined what the crowd wanted to hear from their set. From there on out, they knew exactly what the audience wanted and catered their performance to fit exactly that.

Some people were expecting Pan-Pot to play a similar show to their summer set at electric Island. But you probably haven’t been to many events in the past couple of years if you showed up to a dark techno night club in the early hours of the AM, expecting to hear a replica of a show that was played in the middle of a sunset. While the night may have been a turn from what a few certain people were expecting, it was clear that the majority of the audience was down with the groove. Pan-Pot threw out a collection of berlin techno crowd pleasers, including recent David Temessi release “To My Beat”, to an audience that just didn’t stop moving.

Even as the hour started reaching closer and closer to the 5AM Coda close time, the duo was still playing in full force. They closed the night out the way they started; to a packed dance floor and room full of energy. Regardless of what anyone was expecting to hear this night, there’s no denying that Pan-Pot had the entire club at the tip of their fingers. For those that missed out, it’s likely that Toronto organizers will have these guys back before you know it after such an eclectic night in the books. Until then..

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