Festival Preview: SXMusic Festival (St.Martin’s) | March 9th-13th


By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. A handful of the best artists in the industry take flight to take over St.Martin in the Caribbean islands from for the SXMusic Festival, taking place March 9th to 13th. The festival lineup has been very carefully curated, and the DJs are all playing extended sets in very special locations. We’ve seen many of these acts throw down massive sets in Toronto, so we can only imagine the heightened experience of witnessing them perform under warm sunny skies in beautiful St.Martin.

What differentiates this festival from other events of its kind is the lineup, which has been very carefully selected to match the aesthetic and environment of SXMusic Festival. The majority of these artists excel when spinning a tech house set suited for a daytime setting, with a couple techno heavy hitters to close the nights out. With so many festivals booking the biggest names to move tickets, it’s refreshing to see such a refined list of talent gathered to support this event.

Apart from the killer lineup being present for this event, there are a multitude of subtle details that add to the value of this festival. The majority of the artists are staying for the entirety of the festival which means that there could be many special unannounced sets (classic Art Department reunion anybody?). On top of this, there will be many special retreats, pool and beach parties, as well as many events surrounded by local wildlife. In comparison to blinding lights and dry ice machines, SXMusic Festival seems to triumph.

Check out the teaser video below for another preview of the event.

You can get tickets here : http://sxmusicfestival.eventbrite.com/?aff=LCPRmain

Flights, Hotel, and other information available at: http://sxmusicfestival.com/travel/


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