Review: Nitin @ Coda (Toronto) | October 10th, 2015


By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Saturday October 10th, Toronto was treated to one of the best sets of the year by none other than hometown hero Nitin Kalyan. The extended set consisted of a careful track selection that could only be curated by someone who knew and respected the city as much as this Toronto native did.

It’s easy to forget just how good Nitin truly is because of his humble attitude amongst his fans and peers alike, so let’s start with a refresher. Apart from being a DJ and producer, Nitin has played an integral role in developing the Toronto techno scene and served as the marketing and events coordinator for the world famous BPM Festival in Mexico. Pair this with running one of the most forward thinking music labels in the industry, No.19, and you can start to get an idea of just how much musical knowledge Nitin Kalyan has at his fingertips. Yet in a club where most DJ’s make an appearance to punch their ticket and leave, Nitin made sure his hometown received the full experience.

There are very few things as rare as Nitin’s connection to the audience in Toronto. There’s reading a crowd and then there’s being one with them. Every single song that played was the result of the years spent by Nitin fostering and nurturing the Toronto music scene. Each track and vinyl brought out a new reaction from the crowd, while still keeping a constant enthusiasm and excitement all night long. It was a night of world class talent, from a superstar with local roots.

Nitin Kalyan delivered a monster performance to a club that may have never existed without his contributions to the Toronto electronic music scene. Do yourself a favour and catch Nitin in his element the next time he’s pegged to perform in Toronto, you’ll seldom see anything like it. Until next time..

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