Review: Electric Island After Party @ Coda (Toronto)


By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. While it may not have been the official end date of summer, many would agree that after the last Electric Island concert the season came to a close, at least in relevance to music. After four months filled with sunny festivals and showcases the final concert of the summer series was a great summary and closing of a season well spent. Those not ready to say goodbye just yet headed to the after party, hoping to cling on to the magic and memories for only a couple more hours.

Over the course of the past two years the after party has almost served as a proving ground for the island acts to play. There are those who have gone on to play massive sets on the Toronto islands, and then there are those that made it to Coda only hours after to yet again throw it down. Whether it was last year’s insane Tale Of Us after party or the surprise back to back between Art Department and DJ Three this year, it takes a special breed of talent to be able to perform two distinct class shows for the same city, same night, with a different set.

The Labour Day show started with the curator of festivities DJ Wonka. The Toronto artist orchestrates and organizes the events himself, and always brings the right sound to bring the crowds energy back up with an opening set. Deep tech house surrounded the room as the audience moved through a variety of sounds that were transitioned ever so fluidly. The sounds were blended into each other so smoothly that the audience didn’t dance on a song to song basis, but rather took part on a musical journey. Once you were inside and settled in, there was no way you could escape getting down and into the groove.

When Recondite appeared for his set, he had brought along a couple of surprises in his bag of tricks for the night. The German superstar played in a mix of two dominant styles this night. He would play his eerie slower Life and Death sound, and then once the audience had gotten a feel of the set he would drop a dubby hard bassline that seemed to come out of nowhere. The contrast between the two sounds was extremely sharp, and it kept the entire set as unpredictable as possible. When the crowd thought they could get into a calm rhythm with a Life and Death track, a heavy bassline would hit unexpectedly and they would lose their minds yet again. Not a single person in the room expected Recondite to get so deep, which is what made this set one of the most surprising and remarkable of the year.

The Electric Island after party served as a perfect close to a phenomenal season of bookings for the island concerts. Throughout the last two years we have seen some of the best sets ever to be played in Toronto take place after a day of summer fun and friends. At Electric Island the music is partnered with the overall experience, surroundings, and all there is to offer; whereas the Coda after party lets the music sit right up front and center. With yet another summer of unprecedented after party performances, this event is definitely a complementary must alongside the summer concert series next year. Until then…

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