Review: Do It For The Dinosaurs 001 @ Nest (Toronto)

11933488_1488766718102246_5241281721193311066_nBy Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Friday August 28th, the team at Godzilla Disco launched their Do it for the Dinosaurs party series at Nest Toronto. The event was held in the main level floor at the nightclub and called for a more intimate vibe. While the attendance wasn’t in the thousands, those who were present were the ones you wanted to be surrounded by. Industry professionals, well versed music fanatics, and just straight up people who appreciate creativity and originality in electronic music; this event was made by people with good music taste for people with good music taste. The team at Godzilla Disco made one thing clear during this party launch – you’ve got to know your music to dance with the dinosaurs.

The lineup and performances themselves were yet another showcase of the fine talent available locally in the city of Toronto. The tracks played were ones you seldom heard before, and the superior mixing skills made it impossible to find an ID. That seemed to be the point as once you strip away the huge names and popular tracks, you’re left with no choice but to groove to what the DJ is playing and get lost in the set.

Each act performed appropriately to the environment and slot they were given. Room 303 and Kamaia started off with a lighter house vibe, given the event was kicking off and the room wasn’t exactly packed. While it wasn’t necessarily background music, it was the perfect set to have a conversation over while taking breaks here and there to really get into a beat. The music wasn’t aggressive and didn’t make you feel pressure to dance, rather it gave you a reason to whenever you were settled in and got in the mood.

When the room was just about filled, Steve Marto and Matias Busato took over. Playing back to back the two had everyone relocate to the dance floor only after few tracks into the set. Playing some seriously soul infused tech house, the DJs kept the energy level high despite playing mid tempo. It was the perfect environment for the tech house takeover, as the room beamed with energy to the music being played.

After almost reaching a climax with their set, the decks were handed off to Michael Davidson and Leo Franco to close the night out with techno. The techno being played by these guys had the entire room in a musical journey filled with motion. Each song they played was one that was new to many ears, yet warranted a reaction as if it had been one of the most popular songs to have ever been made. There were no fillers in this techno set, but rather one fire track after another.

When the night came to a close, it was clear that there was a new player in town. Godzilla Disco and the team behind it showcased how they could curate an event with just an idea and a great taste in music. While this event brought out some great vibes locally, it’s exciting to anticipate the acts they’ll bring in once they have a larger platform. Until they start bringing in the likes of Martin Buttrich, Guti, and Ibiza’s finest gems; we’ll be here patiently waiting for the announcement of Do it for the Dinosaurs 002.

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