Review: Nicole Moudaber @ CODA (Toronto) | September 4th, 2015

Nicole Moudaber CodaBy Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Friday September 4th Toronto got down and In the Mood with Nicole Moudaber for a special “make up date” event, following the cancellation of her April show due to a sudden illness. Apart from her festival performance closing out the Bollywood stage at Bestival, this would be the first time in almost a year that Moudaber would grace the city, and the audience was well aware. Performing alongside special guests The Junkies, the techno queen delivered a performance that left the city mesmerized and anxiously awaiting her next return.

Special guests The Junkies kicked things off with a warm up set, which must have been a make up gift from Moudaber. These guys are renowned in the every major techno city in the world, so to have them playing an opening set on the same night was a special treat. Playing some soulful techno, the Toronto duo could have spun all night without anyone taking a break from dancing to notice. When they did finish their set, they had the crowd perfectly warmed up and ready for the techno queen to come and take over.

One of Nicole Moudaber’s signatures is to build up a drop for a very teasing amount of time before finally letting the bass rip through. On this night however the crowd had been way too excited for the reunion, which Moudaber read right away as she was releasing basslines immediately one after the other. It was one of many testaments to Moudaber’s musical knowledge and ability to read a crowd that night.

Nicole Moudaber’s set itself consisted of a new experience from what fans were used to from the superstar. About midway into her set the tracks took a turn for the dubby; slowed down a tad in tempo with deeper and darker basslines coming in. It wasn’t a complete digression from her regular style of play, but rather a new sound with Moudaber’s signature big room euphoric twist on it. The techno powerhouse did mention in the past that her sound would be varied in 2015, and her set was definitely proof to this claim.

While the spinning and track selection were excellent, it was Moudaber’s attitude towards her fans that really set her apart from other artists this year. Taking time to interact with fans from inside the booth, Moudaber displayed a warmth and love towards Toronto that seemed to add an extra spark to her performance. She ended the night going into the crowd, dancing and taking pictures with fans while her manager played her last track, Sonic Language from 2012. The entire night was more than just a show, it was an experience. Seeing the way Moudaber and the audience enjoyed each others company in those final moments almost assures us the techno powerhouse is soon to return. Until she does…

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