Interview: Thomas Newson talks success, sound and new songs

By Tiffany Lam, Managing Editor. Recently, Into The Crowd had the opportunity to sit down with 21-year-old Dutch DJ Thomas Newson prior to his Toronto show at Uniun Nightclub. The young producer shares with us his story, the evolution of his sound over the years, new tracks to be released and more.

You’re 21 years old now, still pretty young, but have been making music for quite some time now. Can you tell us a little more about your background with regards to music and how you started out?
I started making music when I was 16 years old on Logic Pro. Then I started spinning and then soon I had “Flute”. Then I signed a contract with a booking agency and started touring last year. I just made music as a hobby and “Flute” did pretty well on Beatport, got picked up by radio stations in Holland. It all kept getting bigger and I was just like, woah.

I noticed your sound had kind of changed from 2013/2014 to now, from “Flute” and “Pallaroid” to “Summer Vibes” and “Together”. Is this the new sound direction you’re heading in?
I’m still doing hard-hitting things but yeah, the new release “Summer Vibes” is very different. I always wanted to try some new things and I think I did a great job with summer vibes. It’s a lot more different than what I usually do. And yeah the new track with my dad, “Together”, is also more in that vibe too. Sometimes I’m doing progressive stuff, sometimes I’m doing the harder stuff.

You have songs on Armada Music, Revealed Recordings, Spinnin’ Records and more. Is there a reason why some songs are particularly on some labels or was it just totally random?
Nope not really, it was just random. I just want to release everything on the big platforms.

Seeing as you’re so young, do you ever feel like you’re growing up too fast or not yet?
I think I’m growing steadily, not too fast, not too slow.

What does your dad think about you pursing this career?
I think he’s proud, I hope [laughs].


Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
Hopefully playing and headlining bigger shows. We’ll see!

What has been your craziest experience so far?
Both times when I’ve played Tomorrowland.

So you’ve gotten pretty used to playing shows now and for massive crowds, festivals like Tomorrowland… Is there anything that still makes you nervous?
Flying from place to place. I’m really scared of flying.

There’s so much buzz about DJs these days and people especially love to gossip or fan over European progressive house artists I find. Have there been any misconceptions, false rumours or weird encounters?
Hmm… I don’t think so. Oh yeah, people thought I was a ghost producer because my dad is already a known DJ so they were saying he made my music. That was due to a Twitter group called the “FBIA” and they consider themselves like the “fake producers intelligence agency” and they would hunt people. They really focused [on me] and so we did a live studio session and then the allegations dropped.

Do you have any music guilty pleasures?
No not that much, most of the time I listen to techno or hip hop so I don’t think I really have any music guilty pleasure.

What’s one song you wish you wrote / produced?
I really like Calvin Harris’ stuff. He’s really good.

Current favourite possibly underrated artist?
Moksi’s a good one. It’s two guys. I really like them.

Biggest fear in general?
Flying. During the Asia tour in April, I had a really bad flight Bangkok to Phuket. We were flying in a thunder storm and ever since I’ve had trouble flying.

Name one thing on your bucket list that you want to accomplish in the next year or so (personal or career wise).
Play main stage at Tomorrowland or Have a spot in DJ Mag.

Which do you prefer: Festivals or smaller club shows?

Do you craft festival sets differently than club show sets?
Yeah when I play a festival set, it’s usually more bangers and shorter times than in a club.

What are your favourite tracks to play in a set right now?
Of course my new track with my dad called Together, and Summer Vibes. Some other tracks.

What are you most excited for in the next few months or year?
I’m doing an Asia tour with the whole Revealed team and I’m really excited about that. I think we’re doing 10 shows in 2 weeks or something like that. I’m really excited.

And lastly, what can we expect more from you within the next few months to a year?
I signed about 10 tracks already. “Summer Vibes” just came out last month and then “Vandals” with Sandro Silva and then after, the track with my dad, “Together”, is coming out later in September. I’m really excited.


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