Festival Review: Electric Island Season Closer (September 7th)

10999766_463094863863658_1536150015413480200_nBy Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Monday September 7th Electric Island, undoubtedly Toronto’s best party series, came to a close with their finale featuring Nitin, Frank & Tony, Recondite, Loco Dice, and Adam Beyer. While it was sad to see the concert come to an end for almost an entire year, the organizers at the island didn’t let the crowd forget just how good the summer concert series was. With a closing showcase that brought great energy amidst the lingering feeling of knowing the party was coming to an end, Electric Island ended their event with a party that truly captured the entire event experience.

The first two on the bill were Nitin and Frank & Tony, who gave the island a taste of some good house music to kick things off. Nitin‘s variety of house and tech house had the island set into a good groove early into the day. The Toronto native proved that when you play set with proper technique, you don’t need to drop any of they year’s most overplayed and popular tracks to make it hit. The tech house that Frank & Tony followed up with further reinforced this notion. With basslines blended into each other as smoothly as butter, the duo made it difficult to pinpoint where one track ended and another began throughout the set.

Recondite, one of the fastest emerging artists in house, was the next to take control of the soundsystem. While the set did have a slower more relaxed type of vibe, relative to his label Life and Death’s sound, the rising superstar eventually brought in some harder basslines to prove that he wasn’t any one trick pony. Keeping the good vibes going into techno legend Loco Dice‘s set, Recondite played just the right sound to blend into the next set, with it still being distinct enough to include his own signature. The set was mentioned quite a couple times by people leaving the island, amongst chatter and disputes about the best set of the day.

As the next act to play, Loco Dice came fully loaded and prepared. Techno often consists of basslines brought into and layered over one another, so it’s quite easy for the sound to appear repetitive at times. Loco Dice‘s techno is composed of a completely different breed. Playing tracks that almost seemed to defy the entire genre, the techno maestro made an entire island of seasoned music fans feel as if they were experiencing a new style of music for the very first time. As he weaved through the different tracks and samples, the artist made on thing abundantly clear; there is no equivalent to Loco Dice.

The night ended with Drumcode founder Adam Beyer coming on with an exemplary collection of tracks, most of which were probably from aforementioned label. Closing out the island with a set that banged from start to finish, Beyer cemented the concrete booking talent that was behind organizing the concert series this year. With no doubts as to how great the summer concert series truly was, one does however come to mind; how will Electric Island top this next year? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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