Festival Preview: Toronto’s Electric Island – September 7th (Labour Day)

Arguably the best music event(s) in Toronto, Electric Island the summer concert series comes to a close this Monday August 7th, with a showcase featuring Nitin, Frank & Tony, Loco Dice, Recondite, and Adam Beyer at Hanlan’s Point Beach, Toronto Island. Whether it was the amazing music, grand selection of great vendors, or just the overall ecstatic energy on the island; there was no better place to be this summer than getting lost in the magic that was the Electric Island summer concert series. Prepare for one massive going away party, as this Monday we say goodbye to the island concert, and start our countdowns for Victoria Day 2016 as soon as the final track plays. Check out our preview below for a little teaser on the acts!

Both General Admission and VIP Tickets are available and can be purchased here: http://electricisland.to/tickets/. Ferry tickets must be purchased at the ferry terminal for GA Tickets.



Nitin Kalyan is a co-founder of No.19 music with Art Department’s Jonny White, and one of the few internationally acclaimed Toronto acts who has yet to leave the nest. Though the DJ does spend quite a bit of his time as part of the creative team behind the club under the same name. Being from Toronto the DJ often performs at either Nest or Coda, each set being just as magical as the last. With some seriously refined mixing skills and track selection ability, Nitin is living proof that you can have both quantity and quality.

Frank and Tony

Not having Tale of Us perform may have been a blessing in disguise as now the island has the pleasure of hosting Frank & Tony behind the decks. No bullshit, just some serious grooves; this duo is seriously rooted in the house scene so there will definitely be some seriously well mixed vinyls and tracks at their disposal. While many were hoping for a more commercially friendly act to take this spot, this booking is a gift to music lovers in the audience, and a testament to the electric island creative teams knowledge and taste for quality music.

Loco Dice

There are very few DJ’s and producers in the world that can spin next to Loco Dice. Everything Loco Dice cuts and spins into a set is pure insanity, which is why this booking is in contention for best of the entire concert series. Loco Dice doesn’t push buttons, nor does he sync one track into another and let the music play. If you want to see how it’s truly done, watch in awe as this turntable master bobs and weaves through tracks, using both his seniority and superiority behind the decks to put on one of the most eclectic sets you’ll experience in one lifetime.


Recondite is one of the core superstars behind Life and Death’s invasion of the music scene, with some of the label’s most massive releases and remixes. Along with the rest of his labelmates, Recondite’s darker, heavier, slower sound has taken the industry by storm, as for the past year and a half almost every one of his releases have been played in a headlining set. The most recent of them all, Serak, one of the biggest tunes of 2015, will be sure to destroy the island should the superstar decide to bring it out.

Adam Beyer

Techno guru Adam Beyer is sure to bring some heavy basslines as the closer for the final Electric Island concert. One of the biggest names in the techno scene, Beyer has shown no signs of slowing down as he played just about every major club and stage throughout the summer. As the head of Drumcode, he’s bound to have some unreleased secret weapons ready to play that will leave the crowd begging for a release date. Even if you claim to be only into “underground” techno, Beyer will play at least one catch hook that will have you dancing, and we promise – we won’t judge.

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