Preview: Godzilla Disco @ Nest (Toronto) | August 28th, 2015

11933488_1488766718102246_5241281721193311066_nBy Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. This Friday August 28th Godzilla Disco is hosting the first event of their inaugural Do It For the Dinosaurs party series, taking place at Nest Toronto. While there aren’t any prior events to base this preview on, the team behind Godzilla Disco have been around the majority of great shows in Toronto, and are very well versed in the house and techno world. If there’s any precedent at all to base our expectations on, it’s that those within the industry often throw the best parties.

The acts booked for Friday wouldn’t be considered the most commercial friendly, but that’s hardly any indication of the talent behind the decks on this night. The event is cohesive with the sound aesthetic at Nest, as the club is known to be more critical towards quality of music played than quantity of tickets sold. The show is likely to include a plethora of tracks you might not know, but wish you did – the bittersweet feeling to hearing proper DJ’s spin. Give it some patience and a couple years down the road, you might even see one of your favorite big acts booked to perform for a Godzilla Disco night.

Even the massively successful Platform Entertainment once consisted of a couple colleagues with a mutual appreciation for good music. We can’t exactly predict the success of Godzilla Disco, but history let’s us rest assured that Friday will be the first of many successful parties to come. If you were born too early to reminisce the olden days of Chicago house and Detroit techno, attending this event on Friday might be your best shot at joining a new wave of music pioneers.

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