Review: MK @ The Hoxton | August 7th, 2015

On Saturday August 7th Marc Kinchen, better known under moniker MK, returned to Toronto for a set at urban hotspot The Hoxton. Bringing his signature bouncy aesthetic, the deep house guru delivered a night to remember for just about everyone in attendance.

Playing for a more commercial crowd than his prior show at CODA Nightclub, MK showcased his adaptability to new audiences and environments. Keeping it a bit lighter, yet still honed in by the MK signature mixing style, he played a variety of music that resonated with every type of music fan in attendance.

MK needed no warm up at the Hoxton. Right from his first bassline, he was in his comfort zone and smoothly shifted through a multitude of groovy bangers that had the crowd pleased only a fraction into his set. Though the young visionary had traveled up north not too long ago for a set at Coda nightclub, every song the house superstar played had the crowd mesmerized as if they had reunited with the DJ for the first time in decades. Should he have played a set the next night, the feeling most certainly would have been the same.

In the end, there was no certain way to enjoy the set MK had put on. Some in attendance almost rolled their ankles dancing, others situated at the bar in a cloud of happiness hearing the producer’s tracks take a backseat to their overall ecstatic mood. Regardless of how it was felt, Marc Kinchen’s set took in a room of Toronto club patrons, and produced a herd of cloud nine individuals. Whichever mindset one attended this show in, they left with another one – uncontested bliss. 

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