Review: Keinemusik Showcase featuring &ME, Adam Port @ CODA (Toronto) | August 15th, 2015

10426864_420494171408908_1106190972988336716_nBy Michael Oshell. Keinemusik duo Adam Port and &Me took to Coda nightclub on Saturday, August 16th to deliver Toronto a little slice of Berlin heaven. Definitely a more underground booking, this event was an example of the diversity and range of talent constantly being brought into the Toronto nightclub on a regular basis.

Once again – and it goes without saying, Coda’s long list of residents and opening talent managed to punch off the night in style. This should really come as no surprise to dedicated patrons of the club. The team at Coda is constantly pushing new and forward thinking acts alongside the steady onslaught of world-class talent that grace the decks week-in week-out.

Making their Toronto debut, the duo delivered what can only be described as a state of ‘genre-less euphoria’ as they carefully selected their way through house, techno, soul and electronica. Opening up with a un-Shazamable remix of Whitney Houston’s ‘Million Dollar Bill’, the Keinemusik acts set the scene for what was to come.

Their back-to-back style is a simple one, ultimately letting both DJs stay in the moment as they go track-for-track instead of the ever-so-common dual mixing method employed by most duos. The relaxed nature of their mixing style allowed each track to breathe and stand-out whilst still maintaining a fluidity which is sometimes difficult to hold on to when going back to back.

Taking every opportunity to push the unexpected, the duo masterfully weaved between uplifting tunes like Justin Jay’s ‘You Give Me Butterflies’ and classic dance floor stompers like Paul Woolford’s ‘Erotic Discourse’. Towards the middle of the set they teased the crowd with a cheeky unreleased remix of Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moon’s summer triumph ‘Vermillion’. Fans of both producers can only hope it sees a release sometime before the year runs out.

With neither DJs nor crowd taking themselves too seriously the air in Coda took a jovial turn showcasing the brilliance behind the minds of Keinemusik. Even techno-maestro Green Velvet seemed to dig the vibes put out by the Berlin duo as he duly made an appearance behind the DJ booth after his River Gambler Boat Cruise set, giving some attendees in the audience a feeling of déjà vu.

Whether its the label’s superb releases or signature DJ sets, both acts (and the whole crew behind Keinemusik) have mastered the art of staying relaxed, playful and cool. To quote their website “You don’t necessarily need to be overly serious to be taken seriously.” Truer words may have never been spoken.

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