Preview: KEINEMUSIK Showcase – &ME and Adam Port @ Coda (Toronto) | August 15th


On Saturday August 15th, &ME and Adam Port both make their Toronto debut at the Keinemusik showcase event at Coda Nightclub. Having both produced anthems that sound tracked the seasons they were released in, the Keinemusik superstars bring their passion and skills over for what’s bound to be an unforgettable night at Coda. Here’s a little teaser below for what to expect.

Unless Saturday night will be your first time at Coda, it would be rare if you haven’t heard Adam Port’s hugely successful “Place” brought into a set by now. Much like the release itself, the German DJ’s sets consist of unique vocal tracks accompanied by some serious snares and percussion, as Port frequently tends to spin house. Whether he decides to stick to a house set, or take a darker route, we can say that regardless of what he plays, Adam Port will definitely deliver.

&ME on the other hand is on the path towards becoming one of the greatest artists of all time, given his track record over the past year and a half. Following the second best track of 2014 “After Dark”, &ME went on to produce “Woods”, which is slowly becoming this summer and year’s biggest anthem. The amount of unreleased quality tracks the rising superstar has tucked away is going to make this night at Coda a special treat given the selection of music the DJ has at his fingertips.

Regular Advance Tickets are still available here:

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