REVIEW: Thugfucker and Job Jobse @ CODA (Toronto) | July 11th 2015

11227526_405371536254505_5156965099128287358_nBy Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Saturday July 11th, Coda Nightclub hosted a double headliner night featuring Job Jobse and Thugfucker to close out a massive weekend at the Toronto venue. Playing a slower more intimate set after Kenny Glasgow’s monster techno the prior night, the contrast in sound showcased quality music at the opposite end of the spectrum to the crowd.

Gera, Koki, and Night Vision, arguably some of the best local Toronto acts, were tasked with warming up the audience to start the night. Though it is often very difficult to open up for two separate acts, especially ones with a unique style, the seasoned DJ’s stepped up to the challenge and made it look easy along the way. The Coda regulars got the excitement going early and left the crowd in the perfect mood for Job Jobse to then take over.

Jobses set consisted of that distinct Life and Death sound you can only hear when either himself or his label mates come to town. While his performance still followed his label’s dark sound, the set was sensual and possessed a comforting darkness, as opposed to an eerie one. The lack of speed didn’t seem to be a problem for the audience at Coda; the crowd was dancing just as excitedly to Jobse’s sexy beats as they would to any harder tracks. Job Jobse’s Toronto debut was definitely successful and given the reception, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him coming back soon.

Also making a Toronto debut Thugfucker, composed of Holmar Filippson and Greg Oreck, played the closing set that night for Coda. Turning up the darkness a bit from Job Jobse’s set, the duo had the crowd in the palm of their hands early with addictive hooks and heavy basslines. Playing a profusion of tracks twenty Shazaam logos in the air didn’t manage to tag, the pair had turned one of Toronto’s most popular nightclubs into an intimate underground dance party. Their impressive charisma and musicality was evident when the duo played more famous songs for the audience. Spinning the ever so popular “Materium” by Alex Niggeman, the twosome had the crowd reacting as if they had just heard the massive anthem for the first time. Thugfucker finished with their last track playing to a full house at Coda, every single person in awe of the astonishing Toronto debut.

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