Review: Kenny Glasgow @ CODA (Toronto) | July 10th, 2015

Kenny Glasgow CodaBy Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. On Saturday July 10th, house legend and hometown hero Kenny Glasgow played his very first CODA Nightclub solo set half a year after shutting it down with his former partner Jonny White as Art Department. With a carefully selected opening lineup and a revolutionary music veteran returning to his home crowd, the night had already been set up to be one of the best parties of the year. The performance Glagow put on failed to contradict this.

Fellow Toronto DJ and No.19 teammate Jade started the night with her signature raw and sexy tech house. Playing heavy basslines with bursts of romantic melodies, she had injected the passion of an Argentinian tango into the shuffling and thrusting happening on the Coda dance floor. Gathering up the crowd, keeping them center and focused, Jade had the audience absorbed into the speakers and craving for more – the perfect way to set up a fellow friend and headliner. Minutes later, Kenny Glasgow stepped on, ready to play with a crowd basically handed to him.

Kenny Glasgow had quickly teleported the entire audience to Berlin, for a night at Berghain. Spinning tracks that most producers save all year to play in only the most prestigious venues in Europe, Kenny Glasgow’s set was a testament to his indifference for fame and status. Instead of looking around for validation and queuing tracks to tease the crowd, the Toronto icon simply played a proper techno set and danced along with the audience. CODA wasn’t watching Kenny Glasgow perform, but rather partying with the DJ.

It would be hard to pinpoint any specific part of Glasgow‘s set, as his entire night was one fluid musical journey; the audience never stopped to focus on a certain beat or song. Instead they were moving through the transitions with Glasgow himself, knowing that every track after the next would be just as amazing. For once at CODA, there wasn’t six hundred people staring straight into the DJ booth. There wasn’t a massive buildup into an overplayed house or techno hit. There was only a club, filled with people, with a DJ, playing good music; a revival of the parties Glasgow used to throw in the early 90’s. Kenny Glasgow managed to strip his own event of any status, and simply turned it into a night of good music and happy people. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what truly makes Kenny Glasgow the legend he is.

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