Festival Preview: Atomic Lollipop 2015 Edition ft. Prozzak & Wooden Wisdom – JULY 17-19


Otaku fans across Toronto, you better get excited for this coming weekend of July 17-19 because Atomic Lollipop is back! Held at the Ontario Science Centre, this exclusive geeks & freaks convention will be packed with hundreds of amazing mini-events including some unique musical guests, a ramen eating contest, Digimon speed dating, nerf gun fight, and so much more craziness.

Schedule: http://www.atomiclollipop.com/schedule


Much Video Dance Party
From the deepest depths of 90s nostalgia comes everyone’s awkwardest middle school memory- this time with a LICENSED BAR! Join the Much Video Dance Crew for an ALL 90S Friday Night NOSTALGIA TSUNAMI packed with tunes that made you drop your Beanie Babies, grab your walkman, and get on the floor.

RuPaul Karaoke Realness
Its a no RuPaulogies sing-along, stuffed and tucked with sick’ning tunes! Leave the lip sync at home, beat that face, and belt it out FOR THE GODS.

We’re taking you back to the days of cheesy deco and teacher chaperones for a no-curfew night of great music, bad decisions, and glitter in every orifice! Come in your shiniest duds or get glitter-fied onsite for a chance to be crowned Sparkle King and Queen! It’s glitter bombs, laser beams, and disco balls plus the explosive sounds of intergalactic rock squad Tupper Ware Remix Party! Please sparkle responsibly.

Tupper Ware Remix Party
Retro-electro synth-rock group, TWRP, bombards the dancefloor with an incendiary live performance combining old-school funk, rock and roll, modern electronic, and intergalactic hijinks.

Super Belligerent Disney Karaoke Funtime
Yell and make lewd gestures to the music of Phil Collins as we desecrate your childhood favourites and forever changes the way you think of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!”.

Lip Sync Battle For Your Life
Enter TODAY or decide who stays and who shantays away, as APoppers serve showstopping hand choreography, and stomp the stage down for the Lip Sync crown. You’ve gotta be machine-gun fierce to make it in this competition! Good luck…and Don’t F**k it Up!


How To DJ: The Basics & Advanced
Turns out there’s more to DJing than drinking beer and pumping your fists. Come learn the basic techniques behind rave and club DJing from some of Toronto’s top performers, and give it a try for yourself! Once you’ve mastered the basics, explore intermediate techniques like beat juggling, scratching, cutting and advanced fist pumping.

Chiptunes 101
Unleash the pure sonic power of the 8-bit era! Toronto chiptune musician jefftheworld teaches you how to turn your vintage consoles into radical synthesizers and sequencers!

Get Off Your Ass: Entrepreneurship
It’s good to be the boss. How do you get there? Hear stories of devastating failure in business, unexpected success, and everything in between, from a serial startup founder who has run tech companies in New York, Toronto and Silicon Valley.

So You Think You Can KPop?
Aspiring idols and Dance-off combatants rock the stage alongside local KPOP legends for killer prizes, and the dance-off crown! Presented by Pop GoesTheWorld.

Beat-Boxing Workshop
The human drum kit Ryan “Beatspawn” Buckspan will be dropping a workshop to teach the art of Beatbox. Learn the craziest sounds and patterns known by the human mouth, or come brush up on your skills if you’re already in the know! Peace. Love. Beatbox.

Wooden Wisdom (Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie) – DJ Set
Special Guest DJs Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) and Zach Cowie hit the decks as Wooden Wisdom with a high-voltage, all-vinyl DJ set!

Really Bad AMVs
Anime? And music? Together?! What could possibly go wrong! …A lot, apparently. Tune in for mind-boggling ships, bizarre song choices, and downright crazy edits guaranteed to leave you asking “WHY?!”

Prozzäk Reunion Concert
Sucks to be You if you miss Prozzäk, the pop superstars who defined the 90’s with their signature brand of lovesick cartoon europop- performing live on the Hot Zone Stage!
Frozen Karaoke
Do you wanna build a snowman? Or sing your favourite songs? For the First Time in Forever, Let it Go at our exclusive all-Frozen Karaoke session! You can finally do what Frozen things do… IN SUMMMERRR!

90s Nostalgia Anthems
Round out your night with a theme song singalong featuring your favourite 90’s cartoons! From Pokemon to Pepper Ann, we’re getting LOUD as we belligerently relive the best of 90’s kid-dom!


Prozzäk Q&A
Simon and Milo, of 90’s pop supergroup Prozzäk, sit down with fans to answer your questions on love, life, music, and the simpler days of ICQ and Sucks To Be You.

Prozzäk Autographs
Prozzäk aka Simon and Milo, the pop superstars who defined the 90’s, gab with fans and sign your stuff following their Q&A!

Music Production for Beginners
Master this vital but misunderstood area of modern music production! Using Ableton Live as a platform, music producer, GOBS, will teach you how to creatively manipulate samples by deconstructing the music of anime rapper TREAZURE PRESHUS.


Worry not if you’re just finding out about this! You can still get tickets online at http://www.atomiclollipop.com and in store at Silver Snail Comics (Yonge/Dundas), AnimeXtreme (Spadina/Dundas), Shanti Baba Trading Company (Queen/Bathurst) & Be Mine (Spadina/Dundas).

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