Review: Electric Island After Party @ Coda (Toronto) | July 1st, 2015

Electric Island After Party Coda

By Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. Whether you couldn’t go to the island during the day or just simply couldn’t go home after the island at night, there was no better place to be than Toronto’s Coda Nightclub for the official Electric Island Canada Day after party. A strong opening lineup, promised special guest, and only $15 cover with a wristband; it would have been harder to brainstorm reasons not to attend than to have showed up.

The night started off right with people filling in to be greeted with tech house music right away, keeping the party going for those having just arrived from the Electric Island event. After a short and sweet opening set to prepare the crowd to go into the AM, second opener and Montreal native Maus took over the decks as the last act before the headliner.

After only twenty minutes into her set I started to speculate that Maus would potentially be playing the main slot, with a Toronto local closing the last hour as the surprise act.  There was a lack of the usual gossip about which Electric Island act was the special guest, and the way Maus was throwing it down on the decks really made me associate her more as a headliner than an opening dj. Looping basslines and selecting tracks that you would only expect from the best of them, the femme fatale really left her mark on Toronto, making me sour about the fact that her performances are so easily accessible in Montreal. It was bittersweet when Marcel Dettmann appeared from behind the booth to take over, as I could have easily watched Maus go for the duration of the night.

After what most thought of as a lackluster set at the Island, Marcel Dettmann started his set with full force. Maybe the dark venue was more in his element, because the set he played for the Coda crowd will easily be one of the best of the year. Slower techno, European inspired, with melodic hooks and unique basslines – the techno mastermind’s set was a complete turnaround from the more typical sounding beats he was playing a couple hours earlier.

Some people had been partying for twelve hours at that point, but every new track that was brought in gave the crowd new life, keeping them dancing to a set that would not easily be created by any other dj. Every single song the dj transitioned into, had a new energy and vibe to it; not an easy task when there are so many techno labels that produce albums and compilations with one minor variation per track. The flawless performance and track selection from Marcel Dettmann proved why he’s a standout in an industry that makes it so easy to blend in. Clapping his hands and thanking the crowd, the German proved everyone still rallying for him at Electric Island that we was in fact – well worth the wait.

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