Preview: Kenny Glasgow @ Coda (Toronto) | July 10th

Kenny Glasgow CodaBy Kaivan Adjedani, Senior Editor. While it’s rare that I do previews for a single headliner show, Kenny Glasgow’s July 10th show at Coda Nightclub garners an exception. Kenny Glasgow isn’t any regular DJ or producer deciding to drop into Toronto to play a set for the city; Kenny Glasgow is the very reason DJs and producers decide to drop into Toronto to play sets for the city.

Revolutionary house legend, and newly established solo act Kenny Glasgow has built Toronto’s electronic music reputation from the ground up, throughout a career spanning back to the nineties. Whether it was putting on warehouse parties for the growing Toronto scene or holding residency at the world famous Industry Nightclub, Toronto owes it all to Kenny Glasgow for establishing and building the thriving electronic scene we have today.

For having established such a legacy with his career, Kenny has maintained that the music has always been the most important thing. Take time to watch any Art Department set and you see the slender Canadian hard at work on the turntables, without any arrogance or sense of entitlement. While most music legends use vocalizing their status to get ahead, Kenny Glasgow has always let his music speak. Gather any of these icons and legends in a room with the “King of the Underground” and there’s no question who would come out a victor.

Attendees should expect the crowd to be a bit different than what one typically experiences at Coda. Kenny is likely to attract an older Torontonian crowd. Those who have been in and out of the scene for more than twenty years now, ones who have not gone to a show in weeks, months, even years. That’s where you’ll really see the magic inside Coda, and surrounding Kenny. A mix of several generations; from the younger techno rookies to the older veterans, all leaving their labels and statuses behind to celebrate the return of the Canadian house legend and welcome him the way he deserves – with a proper homecoming.

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