Festival Review: Electric Island, July 1st – Highlights and Lowlights

Island 2015 793

By Kaivan Adjedani

Highlight: The Weather
It was only four days prior that Hurricane Susan decided to blow through Toronto and take an entire day of Digital Dreams with it. So when the forecast called for scattered showers throughout Canada Day, ticket holders were quite nervous and borderline hesitant to even attend the event. Mother Nature must have taken a day off from destroying Canada’s summer, because the day turned out to be filled with sunshine and with it, a happy island.

Lowlight: The Inaccurate Forecasts
What professional is allowed to be wrong 95% of the time but still keep his job? The weather forecaster. Hundreds of people  showed up wearing rain boots, jackets, and/or ponchos only to be greeted by a perfect summer day for Electric Island. What’s even worse is the amount of people that didn’t come in anticipation of a repeat of the conditions at Digital Dreams. The party was still solid and held under perfect weather conditions. Though next time, I’ll skip the anxiety and not check my weather app.Island 2015 141

Highlight: Strongbow Cider Features
Dear Strongbow, whoever handled marketing and PR for this Electric Island event deserves a pay raise now. While there were many great giveaways, products, and services provided by many sponsors, Strongbow took it a step further with covering just about anything you would want while being at the event. From charging stations, to refillable water pouches, plus samples of their delicious two new flavors: the Strongbow reps made an amazing event even better with tons of free goodies. The best part was that they were made available to everyone, and not just those who paid extra for VIP. Next time I’m in the mood for a cider, looks like I’m picking Strongbow.

Highlight: Dennis Ferrer giving it all
It wasn’t what Dennis Ferrer played but rather how he played it that made this set remarkable. Being a legend of his stature, it’s really clockwork for Ferrer to read the crowd and perform an exciting set. So while most many djs play the most rudimentary set they can still get paid for in Toronto, Ferrer put on a energy, heart, and soul infused performance that had the whole island going. As if putting his all into this set wasn’t enough for the crowd, Ferrer then came around to thank fans personally for their attendance once he had hopped off the decks. A gifted revolutionary and class act overall.

Island 2015 066Island 2015 077

Highlight: Lee Foss’ Improvisations
Lee Foss is the most in his element when the sun is shining, the weather is scorching, and the event is on a beach. Given he was playing in Canada and it was 5PM when he came on, he didn’t exactly have these conditions to play with. What is Lee Foss to do when the atmosphere, circumstances, and weather conditions aren’t perfectly catered to him? Still play a great set of course. Playing deeper bass and lower pitched vocals, Foss switched it up to play for a crowd that was entirely focused on him, as opposed to sitting and tanning with his beats in the background. This was hardly a challenge for him, starting with a house rendition of Destiny Child’s “Lose My Breath” and escorting the audience into the sunset with a solid performance.

Highlight: Sasha
Sasha can play anything, anywhere, and it will always be a good performance. Having more than two decades and four Grammys under his belt, Sasha is an epitome of excellence within the electronic music industry. The entire set was an experience through songs and sounds that only himself and a few others would be able to bring forward to a performance. If you were in attendance it would take one look at all the smiles and you would know, Sasha brought the heat.

Island 2015 584

Lowlight: Marcel Dettmann’s Close
Unlike his set later that night at Coda, something about Marcel Dettmann’s closing performance just didn’t sit well with the fans in attendance. Did he mistake the event to have a more mainstream vibe? Did his two year absence from Toronto put him out of touch with the crowd? Whatever the case – it was disappointing to see the techno force close the night out in a different manner than most of his fans are accustomed to. Throwing out repetitive basslines and pounding them consistently, Dettmann played a set that was typical and cliché, to a city that’s known to know a couple things or two about techno. We’re just glad the problem was fixed just before the visionary took on the reigns a couple hours later over at Coda.

Highlight: Ferry Departure Times

Having left just around when the party had finished, the island ferry came and picked our group up within ten minutes. Flashback two weeks to Bestival when the line to get off the island took two hours, and the sacrifice of your firstborn was required to get home at a reasonable hour. Thankfully, even on Canada Day, the ferries were excellently organized and got everyone back to land in the nick of time to either go home or if you knew what was good, the Coda after party.

Highlight: Coda After Party
For those just not ready to go home yet there was no better place to be than thriving Toronto spot, Coda Nightclub. Presenting your Electric Island wristband reduced cover to $15 as well, which gave even more incentive to attend. Once it kicked off Marcel Dettmann played the set that everyone was waiting for at the island, and the Canadian openers shut it down too. It was the perfect way to end the night. Make sure to check out our Coda After Party Review for more specifics.

Island 2015 813

Photos by Alec Luna. More photos on our Facebook Page.

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