Festival Preview: Ones To Watch – Digital Dreams Toronto


IT’S HERE! Electronic music fans from across Toronto and beyond have been waiting for this weekend for months. Today and tomorrow Bud Light Digital Dreams Fest returns to The Flats at Ontario Place for a weekend filled with high profile bookings across a number of stages filled with thousands of people – and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be back! While the forecast calls for some heavy rain showers, true fans will come equipped with collapsible umbrellas, ponchos, a good outlook for the event and nonetheless a thrilling time filled with good vibes.

Some things to remember: Stay hydrated, safe, and ask for help at the many service booths located throughout the event. Also, best refer yourself to the Digital Dreams website to prepare for what and what not to bring, as well as general info that will help guide you through one of Toronto’s biggest music weekends of the summer. No selfie sticks or go-pro poles allowed!

Set times:

With an Echo Beach lineup filled with techno legends and other renown acts all weekend long, we couldn’t be more eager for the festivities to begin. Check out who’s on our list of acts to catch!

Ones To Watch – Saturday

John Digweed
Legends fall while their dark horses rise to take their spots. Today’s most fire track of the season becomes tomorrow’s most redundant one hit wonder. The music scene can be up, down, here, there.  In the middle of it all you have John Digweed, doing what he does best – playing good music. One look at the dj behind the booth or rather one listen in the midst of his set and you’ll see that Digweed is not about the hype, the lights, or the effects. He’s just here for the tunes, the reason he’s stayed put in the middle of it all.

Carl Cox
This one doesn’t need an explanation. While most use that as a form of expression, I am literally not going to provide one. If you don’t know who Carl Cox is, close this tab now. This massive music legend flies in to Toronto as the headlining act for his very own Carl Cox and Friends stage, playing the closing set starting 8:00 PM.  Missing this act would be the equivalent of burning $150 or just simply throwing your Saturday ticket into the trash. Oh and if you’re expecting a review of any act that happens to be playing during this two hour set, you might want to look elsewhere.

Porter Robinson
Refer to above to see why I will only end up catching 15 minutes of the kids set. But the fact that I am still willing to invest effort after Cox at Echo Beach to making it over for this set is a testament to how hard Porter will throw it down. A peak at my writing section will show you my forte is tech house/techno, but I still do have a couple guilty pleasures I’m hoping Porter Robinson will end my first night with.

Ones To Watch – Sunday

Martin Garrix
Though I personally won’t be leaving Pete Tong at Echo Beach to see this set, this booking is one of the biggest over on the Dreams stage for the entire festival. A fan favourite heading into the event, the baby faced dj has been on a hot streak that started with his debut anthem “Animals” and hasn’t seemed to quite stop yet. For any fans over on the EDM side of this festival, this is definitely the Dreams stage act you need to see.

Pete Tong
Continuing the Echo Beach agenda to make all other stages irrelevant, we have legendary producer and BBC Essential Mix host Pete Tong. Every single producer and dj at this event has been influenced by Tong’s massive presence in the electronic music scene, making this booking a competitor for best of the entire festival. Even if you haven’t seen Pete Tong throw down a set, remember this – every single up and comer, hot artist, and legend has given Tong releases and material. Now imagine this music arsenal at the tip of his fingers – and this, this is why his set is one you will never have the pleasure of hearing again.

Deep Dish
What a fitting way to close the heavy line-up this year at Toronto’s Bud Light Digital Dreams. Deep Dish, the very legends who brought in the entire hype heading into the festival last year, booked to close the same stage the following year. It has a poetic aspect to it. No one can quite peg what it is that makes the relationship between Toronto and Deep Dish so dynamic, but the duo have been to town three times in the last year and every single time the crowd left it all on the floor. You need to step into the crowd to truly sense the energy being translated between the audience and the legendary act – and we strongly suggest you do.


June 27-28 | The Flats, Ontario Place, Toronto
More info: digitaldreamsfestival.ca

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