Interview: Norway’s Highasakite share band stories and exciting moments

HIGHASAKITE_Aleksandar Jason Kostadinoski

Interview by Tiffany Lam

Highasakite is a five-piece indie-pop group from Norway who’s music has been captivating a lot of ears over the last year, especially following their ethereal 2014 album Silent Treatment. The Scandinavian band recently played a glowing show with Of Monsters and Men in Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall during Canadian Music Week where they stole hearts with their impressive lovely-yet-fierce, eccentric-yet-flawless sound. Chatting with Øystein, we got to know a little bit more about the band’s past, present and future exciting moments. Check it out below!


How did you all meet and come together as a band?
Ingrid and Trond met at the jazz conservatory in Trondheim. I, Øystein, joined on keys on the first album. After playing as a trio for some time, Marte and Kristoffer joined on keyboards and guitar/flugabone. 

You’ve extensively toured Norway before, and now are currently supporting Of Monsters and Men on a world tour. How is the crowd response different when performing in North America/East Coast as opposed to Scandinavia/Europe where you guys are more well known? 
The crowd here are more curious than in Europe, probably because many of them have never heard about us before, and don’t know what to expect. People are very kind, giving us a really good response, so it’s great fun playing here. We also supported London Grammar on their last big US tour, so we are familiar with the US-audience.

I heard one of your songs is going to be used as a TV series theme song – that’s pretty exciting! How does it feel? Do you think it will it find itself on a future album?
It’s very cool that its being used. It’s a great TV series so it’s super exciting for us. I’m not sure if the song is going to be used on a future album, we start recording the next album in June. We’ll have to wait and see…

Where are you most excited to tour this year?
We just came back from a 3-week Australian tour that was so much fun. Things are going very well for us there, so it’s always a huge pleasure going. Personally I have also been looking forward to this current tour as well!

Where would you love to go on tour someday? New or again. 
South America!

Which do you guys prefer: Festivals or concerts? 

What has been Highasakite’s proudest moment so far? 
Maybe winning 2 Norwegian Grammys? Being listed on Triple J’s “Hottest 100” was also a really proud moment for us.

Coolest show you’ve ever played or most crazy place you guys have been together? 
We played in a small basement in Paris a few years back… the club didn’t have PA-system, drums or keyboard stands. We had to sit on the floor, and Trond stood with a small drum pad in front of a tiny speaker. That was very, very weird. The tour in Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo in front of a very enthusiastic crowd was pretty special, and so was Australia!

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