Review: BLOND:ISH @ CODA (Toronto) | May 8th, 2015


By Kaivan Adjedani and Erin Holdbeck. On May 8th, Montreal natives Anstascia D’Elene Corniere and Vivie-ann Bakos (better known as BLOND:ISH) treated CODA to what will no doubt be one of the most talked about sets of the summer.  The duo didn’t hold anything back and played a set that can only be described as fearless, unstoppable perfection.

BLOND:ISH didn’t create their set based on Toronto’s preference for deep and dark beats. Rather, they played in the style that they play best, yet spun it in a way the crowd would enjoy and feel familiar with. The opener started the night off on the heavier side, and it was sure the duo was going to hit the ground running as opposed to their usual style of opening with a slow and steady build-up. It was a testament to the duos fearlessness and confidence in their abilities behind the decks, and it clearly translated well with the buzzing audience.  Vivie-Ann sent out the first jumpy bassline, and from there on out the crowd was locked in to a set that was in full climax mode for it’s entirety.

The highlight of the night came when Anastascia took the crowd through a flawless transition of multiple sounds. It started with a heavy funk beat, something the duo would produce themselves, refreshing and spontaneous – turning CODA into a mosh pit as the audience could no longer simply stand in one spot and dance. This was then followed by a techno banger consisting of a wobbly bassline and jumpy synth, one of the best tracks to ever be played through CODA’s soundsystem – true evidence of their powerful set given how many quality acts the club has hosted.

In short, the faces of everyone in attendance throughout the event made one thing clear: BLOND:ISH had just set a new standard in Toronto, that of which future acts will struggle to meet. The entire set was bittersweet, every minute passing being pure perfection yet one more minute until the end.


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