REVIEW: Victor Calderone @ CODA (Toronto) | April 24th, 2015


By Kaivan Adjedani, Junior Editor. On April 24th, Coda Nightclub was treated to a master extended set curated by none other than techno legend Victor Calderone. The DJ boasts an accolade-filled career spanning over twenty years featuring numerous collaborations with the likes of Beyoncé and Madonna as well as acclaim in every major city in the world. It’s as much a shock as it is an honour that Calderone continuously flies up north every year to give Toronto an incredible show. This in itself is a testament to the very mantra of Calderone. Despite having racked up achievement after achievement in the past, Victor Calderone still establishes himself in the present scene.

Opening the night was Brett Hayward. He seemed to bring something special out for his “birthday set”, because definitely gave one solid show. Building up the right anticipation for the headliner, he brought his mix to a climax with the long build-up and deep drop from Nicole Moudaber’s “Giv Me Luv” remix.

Following Hayward, Calderone started his climb through an extended set for the enthusiastic Toronto crowd. Naturally, he decided to use the first of a 4-hour gig to set the mood. His set started slowly as he was playing your typical and expected techno tracks – build here, drop there, the classic recipe. While many DJs drop into CODA and play a short and sweet set, Victor Calderone made it clear that he was going to be in for a while.

Once he had the crowd warmed up he pushed the set into full force. The atmosphere in the room changed within a split second. Dark, deep, and heavy, the intense bassline ripped through the sound system sending the crowd into a frenzy. The New York legend brought in a collection of tracks in a short span of time that had the entire club pushing towards the speakers, each person trying to get closer and closer to the sound.

From here on out Calderone kept the crowd wrapped around his finger. The only breather the crowd received was during the builds, completely necessary I might add, as it gave a small moment to recover before another dark heavy techno beat rang through the speakers.  The only downside of Calderone’s set was the lack of songs my Shazaam was recognizing. I got one, “Primary K256” by Dubspeeka – you’re welcome.

When it comes down to it,  Calderone did what Calderone does best – deliver a praiseworthy performance consisting of critically selected tracks that not one other producer has access to. Until next time…

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