REVIEW: Nic Fanciulli @ Maison Mercer (Toronto) | April 2nd, 2015


By Kaivan Adjedani, Junior Editor.

“8 CITIES. 10 DAYS. 1 TOUR.“ reads the tagline of Nic Fanciulli’s most recent venture, a short tour around the world – in affiliation with Ultra Worldwide and Resistance – in which the UK genius hopes to challenge himself as an artist and push the boundaries of music. Just last week, on April 2nd, Toronto had the honour and pleasure of hosting Fanciulli for the first night of his tour at Maison Mercer. Even with his well-known tendency to destroy sets worldwide, the show Toronto received following his Ultra performance was a new experience no one would forget.

1891034_277137925775450_1871343426_nIt’s hard to imagine how an icon of this status could even challenge himself anymore as a producer. If you take a look at any festival including hot up and comers, eclectic artists, and techno legends; I will guarantee Nic Fanciulli has a slot on that stage. But you see, that’s the nuance about Fanciulli, he never has to fight for relevance, he simply lets his music do the talking – and this was exemplified that night at Maison Mercer.

The night was more befitting a house party than a techno show, with never less than ten people surrounding the producer in his booth at all times. This however, only served as a testament to Fanciulli’s musicality and abilities as a producer – being able to enjoy himself and have a fun time, with the capability to put on a good show being an innate quality for him. Rather than throwing out mindless beats to get a room full of club crawlers dancing, Nic seemed as if he was just trying to showcase some quality music, in a room with a couple well-versed techno fanatics. Clearly, Fanciulli’s choice to put Toronto on the bill of his “8 shows in 8 countries in 10 days” Around The World tour was not by random. The constantly evolving techno scene in the city set the perfect atmosphere for Fanciulli to play this selective set over a more commercially loaded mix.

Despite constantly exploring new ventures on top of being a label owner, Nic Fanciulli still stands as a producer simply about the music. Spinning a masterly crafted set that only an icon of his status could put together, he’s made it perfectly clear he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Likely garnered through his lengthy career, Nic Fanciulli is able to read a room unlike anyone else. Throwing out massive tunes like “Walking with Elephants” by Ten Walls and “Hoodlum” by Traumer, the UK legend kept a perfect balance in his set between timeless house anthems and unreleased material.

Overall, it’s hard to capture the experience of Nic Fanciulli without being present. This is because seeing a Nic Fanciulli show is exactly that – an experience. An exuding confidence behind the decks, a primitive sense of musical transitions, and the ability to exert these qualities into a flawless set; this is Nic Fanciulli. With such a massive show on the first night, the only challenge of this tour might be for Nic to save some magic for the other seven cities. After the performance he put on for Toronto, I think he’ll be just fine. Until next time…

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