REVIEW: Maya Jane Coles @ CODA (Toronto) | March 13th, 2015


By Kaivan Adjedani, Junior Editor. The last time Maya Jane Coles played Toronto, she shut down Electric Island with a massive five hour extended set (due to a co-headliner backing out last minute). Sitting comfortably at #5 on Resident Advisor’s Top 100 Dj’s of All Time, it’s as if what she possesses in talent translates over to the show she puts on for her fans. On March 13th, the wall-to-wall packed CODA Nightclub was clear proof Toronto had a grand appreciation for the techno Queen.

With Nitin and Gera opening and filling the room with deep dark melodies, the crowd was quickly put at ease knowing Maya Jane Coles was going to come in full force and techno heavy. Miss Coles started her set with a plethora of bass driven rhythms and fast beats. Sending out a collection of high-energy basslines, different and unique, yet all coming together as one, there is no question her mixing skills are superior. The quality techno, music you could only hear from an icon like Maya Jane Coles, gave the Toronto audience some much-needed warmth from the frigid negative temperatures outside. Basslines from songs like “Lee’s Mobile” by Lee Van Dowski and “All Night Long” by Kill Frenzy, had the crowd fixated on the London producer behind the booth and slaved to the rhythm.

Even with her iconic status and numerous years in the music industry, Maya Jane Coles still shines with humility. It was exhilarating to see the genuine joy and childlike excitement in her eyes in response to the crowd’s reactions to her set. She didn’t expect – though still gained  – full admiration from the crowd for her performance. Staying on longer to meet the roaring demands of the crowd, she brought in her 2014 release “From The Dark” featuring Moggli – almost like an ironic salute to the critics and naysayers of this album. The techno guru ended her set with the final song being her recent remix of “Hurricane” by Karin Park and Pandora Drive – which came to me as a near surprise, but a personal favourite and a perfect finish.

With a set that resonated highly with everyone, it’s no surprise Toronto already anticipates Maya Jane Coles’ return. Jonathon Rosa followed and closed the night out to a crowd still heavily clinging to the magic Maya had just created. Until next time…


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