REVIEW: Doorly @ CODA (Toronto) | Feb 27th, 2015

doorly coda

By Kaivan Adjedani, Junior Editor. After a massive year in 2014, Martin Doorly had finally gained a right amount of steam to take reign of the decks at CODA Nightclub on February 27th 2015. Following a very techno-heavy schedule in the month of February at CODA, it was interesting trying to anticipate how Doorly, a deep house act, would manage the atmosphere and crowd inside the Toronto nightclub.

Toronto local duo 2Grams started up the night. While their music style is rather dark, heavy, and not remotely similar to Doorly’s upbeat happy-go-lucky sound, they opened with a set I would pay to see last the entire night. Unfortunately, the early timeslot didn’t allow the group to play a set for much of an audience. However, as someone who goes to a show every week, I can honestly say these guys have a unique sound and are definitely worth a night out.  They don’t have any music posted online so you’ll just have to catch them in person for a taste.

Following 2Grams‘ set, Simon Jain hopped behind the booth and played a variety of sounds — from disco funk to some deeper vibes before Doorly took over. Ending his set with Hot Creations release “Point of View” by HNQO, Simon Jain had the crowd grooving in all the right ways as we headed into the main event of the night.

Doorly’s set started off with nothing too special; a generic Chicago style deep house beat that blared through the speakers followed by a couple similar beats and tracks. It took about four more songs before the crowd and myself started to lose interest — to which Doorly took note right away.

He quickly mixed in an unreleased banger in which the chorus had the vocals “we doing K while we working” echoing over an infectious dark, yet still upbeat sound. If I were a betting man, I would say it’s a Green Velvet collaboration — a solid possibility given how closely the two have been working as of late. Doorly further worked his crowd hypnosis with a remix of the 90’s classic “Show Me Love”, manipulating and twisting the deep house classic using a variety of methods. With these two bangers, he suddenly had complete control over the CODA crowd.

In this moment, you could finally tell Doorly was starting to have his fun. Getting on the turntables and spinning them in true cliché movie style manner, it was evident the Ibiza resident had a classic respect for the art of djing, one that resonated well with the audience. Slowly Doorly took the crowd from deep to tech house, which was more suited to the demand of the night’s techno-heavy Toronto atmosphere. Following another couple transitions, Doorly dropped one of his bigger claim to fame anthems “Groove You”, which brought the crowd into the climax of his set. As the keys started going, slowly building, everyone knew what was about to rip through the speakers: “Piano Weapon”, the infamous and much anticipated Shadowchild collaboration. Doorly took the crowd home with the massive summer anthem, leaving the crowd endlessly dancing and laughing.

With two solid opening acts, and a headliner that knew how to cater to a crowd, CODA was filled with smiles all around as Holloh took control to close the night out. The crowd was happy and the music was good, can you really ask for anything more? Until next time…

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