REVIEW: Jon Gaiser @ CODA (Toronto) | Feb 21st, 2015

aa754085-c79c-4ae6-84e8-4b59a1505f8c gaiser

By Kaivan Adjedani, Junior Editor. If you’ve ever lost me at CODA, you probably easily located me by a floating Shazam logo in the dark… Saturday night however was not the case. The probability of finding one of the Berlin house native Jon Gaiser’s songs, yet alone a bassline, was about as slim as Solomun playing Maya Jane Coles’ “Let’s go Dancing” remix over his own.

CODA Nightclub, unlike its Toronto rival nightclub Ryze two intersections over, is known for their power bookings. The last three months have seen internationally acclaimed BPM headliners Art Department, Dubfire, and Maceo Plex all play massive two to four hour sets into the morning hours. Gaiser is most certainly not a producer who would fit this category.

Saturday night, Gaiser brought in a different crowd than what you would usually see in CODA. Almost everybody in attendance seemed to have been in and out of the techno scene for more than ten years, and had a select ear for the European inspired techno being played. Dramatized and emphasized by timely filter work and sustained breakdowns, Gaiser’s live produced bassline ripped through the speakers and sent the crowd into memories of the early music days. Even for the younger ones like myself, Gaiser’s music created a nostalgia we didn’t even have.

Gaiser hit the decks at about 1:30 AM and played a bit past 2:30 AM. While it would have been nice to see a longer set, I would personally take one-hour of live production over a three-hour techno mix. It felt as if he had a better set prepared, but was saving it for another night.

Throughout the set, Gaiser momentarily gave us a couple odd beats before aligning us with the deep and solid bassline he was carrying his set with. It was apparent that he didn’t consider Toronto to be a well-renowned techno spot as much as other producers did, and what he held back did not go unnoticed. Then again, can you blame a techno king for playing a seventy-minute set when the promoters couldn’t sell out four hundred tickets at $30?

Following Jon Gaiser’s set, Justin James took us into the early morning with some groovy tech house to techno beats, “Exit” by Dubfire being a remarkable addition to his mix. While I look forward to seeing more acts like Gaiser come to Toronto, I would hope that both the Toronto crowd and the underground techno producers are able to orchestrate events that call for 2 to 4 hour stays. As for Gaiser‘s overall performance, I would call this time more of a tease than a set. Until next time.


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